Saturday, April 9, 2016

Some bits.

Henry and Felix continue to be obsessed with the Octonauts, and Ross and I sometimes play with them and their ever growing collection of figures and Gups. Henry's current favourite joke is when Ross refuses to get Captain Barnacles' name right.

Henry: Nice to meet you, Giant Squid. My name is Captain Barnacles!
Ross: Captain Bubblebath?
Henry: Barnacles!
Ross: Bonobo? Bamboozles? Butterfingers?
Henry: *hysterical laughter for the next ten or so minutes*


I have been taking Peri to the park on mornings when Dad's free to watch the boys. There's this big group of people who walk with their dogs, and they're all friendly and allowed to run around off leash (the dogs, not the people. Although the people are also unleashed and friendly, so yeah.)
Anyway, it is so much fun! Peri has been enjoying getting to know other dogs, and she plays and runs around and then comes back when I call her! It's basically my new happy place. There are few things nicer than watching a whole bunch of dogs playing together. So good. 


Ha, the above two paragraphs were written approximately one hundred years ago, but they're still fun and relevant stories, so they'll stay.

Currently, Peri is wearing the cone of shame, she got spayed this week and should wear her fancy collar for two weeks. Not sure if we'll make it that far, or if I'll give up when presented with this face.

She is definitely a bigger puppy than she was when we got her:

Exhibit A
Henry is now on school holidays, so I'll have to entertain him at home for two weeks! It'll be fun, we've got lots of ideas for fun things to do, it's just a matter of following through. His teacher sent home a 'holiday fun pack', which is actually a list of activities to help improve his motor skills. His teacher said that he gets a bit frustrated sometimes because it's tricky for him to write, so it'll be good if we can catch him up over the holidays.

Meanwhile, tiny man Felix is getting big and talking up a storm. He's so chatty, and loves hanging out with Henry, so I'm pretty sure that he'll love spending time with him on the holidays. He also owns some grown up man pyjamas and tiger slippers, they are adorable.

That'll be all for now! Join me in another 100 years for my next post!


Maja said...

Yay! I'm at work but the worky network is down (not the internet, though, that totally works) so yay for a post from you! Now I'm going to write a post, while I wait for the IT guy to respond to my text.

northern musings said...

Great post Olga, must remember to show it to mum at lunch time. The boys are growing so quickly - as is the dog! love and hugs to you all.

Vicki said...

Please don't wait 100 good to see you back in print!