Saturday, February 6, 2016


Whew, what a week! Henry started pre-primary this week, and he loves it! I was worried he'd be teary on the first day, but he was so happy to go. I think he really liked all the routines and rules and stuff, he's such a little nerd like me. They sent home a little form asking for info on family, pets, interests and stuff like that, and also goals for the year, and I think I mostly just want Henry to have fun, and try new things!

I also discovered that Felix will have to wait until 2018 to go to kindy. I definitely thought it was from the age of three, but apparently it's four. I think I got confused because Henry is four now, and in pre-primary, but he's one of the youngest kids in his class, and just turns five before the cutoff. Anyway, I'm going to try to find Felix a three year old kindy program to try next year, I think he'll really enjoy mingling with other kids.

His talking skills are progressing super fast at the moment - he's just started talking in sentences, and he's all of a sudden expressing himself about everything! It's great fun to listen to him, and it feels like I can reason with him, to an extent. When we drop Henry off at school, we pass a whole bunch of play equipment, and Felix goes nuts. I've noticed that he can get the hang of one thing happening after another, so I can explain to him that we're dropping off Henry, THEN we'll go to the playground, and THEN to the shops. He accepts it! He repeats it, and then goes along with whatever we need to get done - it is wonderful.

What else? This puppy guy is getting bigger and better every day:

She seems to have gotten the hang of toilet training now, (coincidentally?) just after Ross pulled up the carpet in the lounge room. It means we could block off the carpeted parts of the house, and she apparently doesn't have any desire to pee on floorboards (good dog!). We're finally getting into a puppy training course this week, but she's already pretty good at basics like sitting and staying. It'll be good for her to socialise with other dogs and people, regardless of whether she learns new things or not.

Anyway, have had this in drafts for ages, so it's time to post before I procrastinate for another whole weekend!


KH said...

Good stuff!

Maja said...

Go Henry!

I have the same thing with George and school. He will have to wait til after he's 4 to start school, whereas Olivia is still 3 and in kindy. I wanted Olivia to start school at age 3 as well, which was why we looked at Montessori schools, but they don't start until they have actually turned 3 and the 3 year old class was full already.

Yay for Peridot toilet training! BTW we watched Steven Universe on the weekend. Love it! But it was hard to find full episodes on Youtube. Now I know where you got the dog's name from :)

northern musings said...

So gorgeous... miss them so much

love and hugs