Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

Aaaand I'm back! Well, back-ish, we'll see if this is a one off or if I'm going to keep doing this blog thing again.

So, what's new?

We moved to Australia! Managed to get all our stuff over and through quarantine, lived with my parents for about six months (for which we are eternally grateful), got jobs and saved money and gradually adjusted to the temperature difference.

We bought a house! It was a long and annoying ordeal, and had I been blogging at the time, you would have heard all of my many whingey rants over the last few months. It was all a hassle, but it ended with us a) getting a great house that we love, for b) less than we originally offered, and c) we got to move in on the 8th of December.

I don't seem to have many photos, but I'll take them, I promise! Our top priority for finding a house was a big garden, and this one is perfect. There's a pretty big space of cultivated garden, plus some rambly bushy bits, and plenty of outdoor entertaining areas. Plus we get amazing sunsets, and we keep discovering fruit trees!

The boys are loving the new place, they've adapted so well to being here. They mostly wander around barefoot, and they love exploring outside. I'm gradually adjusting to the amount of bugs, and am desperately trying to not freak out (visibly) when they're around; I don't want the boys to be terrified of nature, but I have been startled more than once by a creepy crawly.

We just had an Aussie Christmas for the first time since 2007! It was fantastic, we spent the 24th with my family, then hosted a brunch at our house for Ross' immediate family, then went to the big Italian do at Ross' Nonna's house.

The boys got totally spoilt, but had an awesome time. Henry stayed so polite throughout all of Christmas, it was astounding. Felix had a massive meltdown on Christmas Eve, because Henry got an octonauts toy and he wanted it. It doesn't sound like that big a deal, but there was definitely some wild screeching at the top of his lungs, and he absolutely could not be consoled. Henry, being the peacemaker that he is, shared his toy with Felix, and Vicki gave Felix one of her presents early, but he was basically overwhelmed and lost the plot. It shall henceforth be known as 'The Barnacle Debacle'.

Aaaand, that's all the most recent stuff, anyway. Our next steps are 1) getting a dog, and 2) trying not to kill the garden. Oh yeah, maybe I'll add 3) remembering to update my blog every now and again. Wish me luck!


KH said...

I am happy to read your writes again!

soda said...

Yaaaay I am pleased to see this back too!

northern musings said...

Happy Happy New Year to you Olga. Thanks for blogging again - it makes a difference for us up here to be able to see the boys grow - this will give mum something to look at when she comes over for dinner as well!!

love you all

Maja said...

Oh man I am so behind!