Monday, January 11, 2016

Dog Days - part 2!

May I introduce our new furry pal, Peridot? We pronounce it Peri-dot, but whatever you want is fine. Also acceptable: P-dot, Peri-dactyl, and Peri-peri-periscope.

We got her from Shenton Park Dog Refuge, and she's awesome! The shelter wasn't sure what breed the pups were, but they guessed probably Staffy x Rhodesian Ridgeback, which is precisely what we were after! She was the calmest and snuggliest of the puppies that I saw, and has continued to snuggle everyone in our house since she got here:

I seem to have repressed the memories of how time consuming and frustrating toilet training can be, but she's definitely making progress. I'm pretty excited about training her in general, I want her to be an awesome dog who is super fun and clever and well behaved.

The boys were pretty excited to meet her, although her puppy rambunctiousness was a bit much for Felix at first. He's better now, but the first couple of times she wanted to play, he'd wig out and cower and shriek 'Puppy eat on me! No puppy! Nooooooo!' It waaaaay funnier than it should have been. Anyway, she's getting much better at sitting when she wants the boys' attention instead of jumping on them, so I'm sure we'll all get used to each other soon enough.



northern musings said...

Thank you Olga - she is gorgeous! and so are the rest of you! love and hugs

Maja said...

Yay! She is so cute. Enjoy your handful.