Friday, June 5, 2015


Both as in Perth, and as in perfect, because I'm so glad to finally be here again! PERF!

The trip over was long, as always, but both of the boys were amazingly well behaved. Henry especially was really patient and chilled out; poor Felix didn't always understand why I wouldn't let him run around at any given moment. He'd alternate between wriggling and crying, and then looking at me earnestly and saying 'duck' (stuck, for all you non-baby speakers out there.) It took him a while to understand that being stuck was the whole point of the exercise.

Anyway, we're now in Roley trying to figure out jet lag, plus Felix has a bit of a cough and his eczema is going nuts. But apart from that, we are awesome and in Australia, woo!


Anja said...

YAY!! I am so happy for you!!!! Now chill out and enjoy the first weeks! It must be strange and amazing after such a lonng time... lots of love to you!! xx

xb í Skagafjörð said...

Miss you guys so much! Still am glad all went well - hope you continue with the blog - if you can be bothered - so I can see photos of you guys - and everyone else!

love and hugs to you all

Sigga xoxoxox

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northern musings said...

hey you..... time for a new blog - Olga at home in Roly or something like that!!!

love you


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