Friday, May 15, 2015


It is happening, guys!

Our boxes got picked up and have left the country! They're currently sitting in a warehouse in Rotterdam! They will eventually head to Australia!

We hired a massive skip bin and threw away hundreds of things, mostly chipboard furniture. Woo! Ross and I have sworn a solemn vow that we're not going to buy any chipboard stuff in Australia. We probably will, but it won't be the one million cupboards and desks that were still mysteriously inhabiting our house!

My mum is here to help us pack up, and also to accompany me and the boys on our trip home. Ross is going to visit the US on his way back, but we're going the quicker and easier way. I'm a bit sad to miss out on seeing Joe and co., but I'm also quite relieved to spend less time in transit with the two little dudes.

I think Felix is heading for one nap a day territory, which is good and bad. I love naptime so much! But he's not as tired and cranky, and he's sleeping better at night, so on the whole it's a good thing.

Also in Felix news, he's got a new smile happening:

He looks hilarious when he does it, so everyone laughs, and then of course he keeps on doing it. Awesome.

What else? I feel like Henry is getting a bit stressed about leaving - maybe not consciously, because I don't think he really realises what's going on, but he's just a bit more sensitive than usual. Or maybe he's just going through a phase - either way, he's been needing quite a lot of cuddles and reassurance lately.

Last night he wanted me to come into his room, because he was scared a monster might come through the door. He said maybe a bad guy would make a monster, and send him into the house to get Henry. So we made up a story where all of us got superpowers, and we defeated the monster and threw him out. After I said that part, Henry all of a sudden started sobbing again, because the monster would be sad if we threw him out, and it wasn't really his fault, it was the bad guy's fault. So we apologised to the monster and he came to live with us in the story. Such a sweet boy.

I found some ancient red hair dye in Amma's cupboard, that I bought when I was here in 2002. So of course I decided to try it out on my hair, but it smelled awful once I opened it, so I decided against it.  I then had to go out and buy some new hair dye, because I got too excited to let the idea drop. I ended up putting a blonde rinse through the ends of my hair - you can barely see it, but the process brought me some joy, so it's all good.

We've been doing little bits and pieces around the house to make it nice for the tenant - it's funny how many things you just adjust to, and you only fix it up once you're about to move out. Oh well, it's very satisfying to get things done, and I'm also diligent at list-making so that I get the extra boost from crossing them off the list. I think we're on schedule with getting everything done, there's just a wave of worry every so often that we've missed out on something really important. We'll see.