Monday, April 13, 2015


We have packed - well, Ross did most of the work. We're getting the stuff shipped soon, then renting the house out on June 1st, if no one buys it before then.
So Ross and I were talking the other night about selling the house.

R: Do you even know where the deed to the house is?
O (slightly offended, because I spent ages sorting out paperwork): Yeah, of course!
O (looks at shelf where documents were - panics - looks at packing boxes): ...
R: It's been packed, hasn't it?

O: ... Yep.

In my defense, I did know where it was - in the purple plastic folder! Luckily, Ross packed in an organised fashion, and labelled the boxes as he went, so it was pretty easy to find.

What else? I decided that when finding a tenant, facebook is kind of great and probably just as good as actual references. I mean, with references, you can just get a friend to lie for you and pretend to have been your landlord/boss (hi Victoria!), but if you have a semi public facebook page, then I can see all kinds of clues to your general character. Yay technology.

Also, in a town this small, everyone knows everyone and their mum, so we can probably get a fair idea of what people are like just by listening to gossip*. And then when it comes down to it, it's probably always a gamble with tenants. But there's not too much that can be destroyed in our house (touch wood), so I think it'll all be okay.

* Although I wonder what people's impression of me would be based purely on gossip?

Henry has started doing this random weird sigh - he says he's not sad or anything, apparently he feels hot and it cools him down? Anyway, it sounds like the most passive aggressive annoyed noise. It grates on my nerves like you wouldn't believe, but I asked him to stop and then felt bad about squashing his personality. Hopefully he'll stop on his own.

In other news, there was a massive blizzard on Saturday. We were stuck in the house all day, and then on Sunday morning it looked like winter again. I keep expecting it to be spring, and then this happens and I get all disappointed.

If you lived on my street, you'd see my daily ritual of opening the front door, frowning, and then bitterly muttering 'spring?!' Sometimes I shake my fist at the sky. Good times.

Ooh, this weekend my friend Edda and I are going to Reykjavik to see RuPaul's drag race live! I've never actually watched the show, but I am definitely looking forward to a night out with my best Icelandic friend. We're going to stay in a hotel! And drink at bars! And eat food in restaurants! And watch drag queens! I AM EXCITED FRIENDS.

I think that's it for now. Gonna go and give some stuff away on facebook. Anyone want a vintage fridge that doesn't work? More to the point, do you feel like lugging that monster out of my basement? Anyone?


Anonymous said...

Please keep blogging! Mum loves yous.

KH said...


Anja said...

Hooray for a girl trip to Reykjavik! Have a fabulous time!!!! I can imagine there must be many feelings involved for Henry to know that he will be leaving his leikskoli friends. I love that image by him having to cool down from frowning. Thats a pretty nice way of expressing/picturing his emotion. Lets skype after Reykjavik! xxx

Maja said...

Wow the Ru Paul night out sounds fabulous and radulous.

Ross's packing sounds amazing. You are so lucky.

I doubt you will squash Henry's personality by asking him to stop sighing. I am constantly telling Olivia to stop doing stuff, omg. And how annoying would it be if years from now he is still doing annoying sighs.

Have fun giving away your shit!