Sunday, April 26, 2015


Argh, high hopes again! A couple that had previously looked at the house came round again yesterday, along with a builder/carpenter guy. It was terrifying, plus I again had trouble with getting too excited about the whole deal. I'm trying not to be too optimistic, so we're going to go ahead with the renting and just take the sale if/when it happens.

Felix's new favourite game is to grab Henry's discarded clothes and bring them to me, and then make squeaky noises at me until I put them on him. Then he prances around giggling, maybe pretending to be Henry? It is funny.

The dudes are definitely spending more of their time together playing, rather than fighting and screeching at each other... Eh, who am I kidding, there's lots of that, too. But I definitely feel like Felix is finally approaching a phase where he and Henry can interact as nearly equals, which is wonderful and endlessly entertaining for all parties.

What else? My weekend in Reykjavik with Edda was AMAZING - I took zero photos, though, sorry. I honestly wasn't sure if I'd enjoy the drag queens, but they were great. My highpoint was when a couple of them sang 'Total Eclipse of the Heart', which was a karaoke staple when we lived in London, so that brought back lots of memories. They even sang it in the same style as we used to, ie. shouting the hell out of the last couple of choruses 'I REALLY NEED YOU TONIGHT! FOREVER'S GONNA START TONIIIIIGHT! FOREVER'S GONNA START TONIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT! Ahem.

Anyway, apart from that awesomeness, we went to some cool bars, and ate some amazing food, and slept in til 12, and ate lollies and watched trashy tv in our hotel room. It was basically perfect, I feel like Edda is an alternate reality version of me, which makes it super fun whenever we get to spend time together.  I'm going to miss her so much when we leave!

Life is pretty much plodding on, otherwise. We had a public holiday for the first day of summer on Thursday (spoiler: it snowed, and is snowing again today, and if I wasn't already on my way out I would be full of desperation and longing for the sun). The boxes are getting picked up this week, so that's a massive thing to tick off the to-do list. Everything else is mostly sorting out paperwork and other such garbage - blech, who can be bothered with that?

Okay, I think it's time to go and do something useful... Hate this snowed in feeling - it's not like I would be outside in the garden anyway, but I still feel trapped when I don't even have the option.


Anna said...

Ugh, I cannot even imagine the lack of sun and what comes with it right now.

Super cute photos. I bet Felix is totally pretending to be Henry. Little siblings, eh?

Glad weekend was good.

I sound like Mum right now.

Anna said...

Dean has said that Felix is doing "The hand thing" that you, me and Kristinn do. In particular, it is the variety that you do. Kristinn does more of a clenched fist thing apparently, while I thrust out with an open claw hand. We're learning a lot today.