Monday, February 9, 2015

House selling part one million...

Okay, I take it back. Selling your house is not fun, it's demoralising and sad. We had an aquaintance who seemed really keen to buy, but then came to our house a couple of times with 'experts' who proceed to criticise everything about our home (joke's on them, the first expert actually said the house was great and appropriately priced. Second one was a knob, though*).

Anyway anyway anyway, the potential buyer made us a ridiculous and insulting offer, so we refused and now we're back at square one. Oh well. The ad should go up on the real estate website soonish, so we'll be able to spread the word and find someone else who'd like to live here!

*And, as it turns out, probably not a qualified 'expert', just a friend hired to talk shit about our house in order to lower the price. Yay!

The whole thing really threw me, I've been feeling quite down and cross and sad all week.  I think it's mostly because I wanted our friend to buy our house, but it turns out they're not our friend anyway! I'm over it now, and it can be a purely business decision which will hopefully be sorted soon!

What else? I got this hilarious thing in the mail:

Cannot figure out how to flip it horizontally, but that text on the front says 'Er allt í legi með þér?' which is a funny pun, because 'er allt í lagi með þér?' means, 'are you okay?', but 'legi' means uterus, and it is totally a flyer that they sent out to remind people to go have a pap smear. Sorry about the TMI. It's just such a weirdly hip looking flyer, it looks like an invite to a gig or something.

Hmm, what else? Felix's skin gets better and worse, that is just pretty much our lot at the moment. We're giving him a break from the steroid cream, but I'm terrified his skin will get itchy and awful again. Haha, he's also learned a bunch of new sounds and almost words - he now says cheers, look and yessssssss! Wonder where he got that one from.

I had another excellent conversation with Henry the other day, wherein he told me a long rambly story about how if you were playing football, and you used a rude voice, then no one would give you the ball, so you have to use your manners and your nice voice, even though you're outside... I agreed wholeheartedly with whatever he was going on about, then he paused, looked at me and said 'I'm going to be a dog.' He then dropped to the floor and crawled around barking for a while. As you do.

Anyway. Anyone want to buy my house? DO IT.