Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Snow days and home improvements

We are getting the house ready for selling, it is kind of fun! Maybe not fun, but definitely satisfying (says the lady who's doing almost none of the big heavy annoying jobs).

I'm helping!
On the other hand, Felix and I did change the leaky tap in the kitchen, and I was pretty ridiculously proud.  He looks pretty pleased about it, too. I'm also making it a goal to remove at least one thing (preferably a bag of things!) from the house every day this week.
Meanwhile Ross has been putting new floors in and painting everywhere - he's doing a wonderful job. I just can't wait til we get everything in the house sorted and then someone lovely can buy it!

There's been tonnes of snow lately, Henry has had a couple of snow days at home these past couple of weeks. He has been super keen on going lately, though, poor little dude gets quite frustrated with Felix trying to take his toys all the time. It's much more fun playing with the bigger kids at Leikskoli.

That said, they had a pretty great time together yesterday, ran around heaps and giggled and cuddled. It was lovely.

What else? I finally told the ladies at leikskoli that we're heading to Australia, although I just realised I forgot to ask if they'd like to own a tonne of our toys. There's just so much stuff around here, but I'm feeling really excited about getting rid of most of it. Hopefully everyone else feels the same way! 

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Maja said...

Moving is a great way to declutter, that's for sure!