Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Snow days and home improvements

We are getting the house ready for selling, it is kind of fun! Maybe not fun, but definitely satisfying (says the lady who's doing almost none of the big heavy annoying jobs).

I'm helping!
On the other hand, Felix and I did change the leaky tap in the kitchen, and I was pretty ridiculously proud.  He looks pretty pleased about it, too. I'm also making it a goal to remove at least one thing (preferably a bag of things!) from the house every day this week.
Meanwhile Ross has been putting new floors in and painting everywhere - he's doing a wonderful job. I just can't wait til we get everything in the house sorted and then someone lovely can buy it!

There's been tonnes of snow lately, Henry has had a couple of snow days at home these past couple of weeks. He has been super keen on going lately, though, poor little dude gets quite frustrated with Felix trying to take his toys all the time. It's much more fun playing with the bigger kids at Leikskoli.

That said, they had a pretty great time together yesterday, ran around heaps and giggled and cuddled. It was lovely.

What else? I finally told the ladies at leikskoli that we're heading to Australia, although I just realised I forgot to ask if they'd like to own a tonne of our toys. There's just so much stuff around here, but I'm feeling really excited about getting rid of most of it. Hopefully everyone else feels the same way! 

Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy birthday Felix!

Holy moly, this little dude turned one today!

Lucky for Felix, he has a big brother for helping with stuff like unwrapping presents and blowing out candles and stuff.

I made a vegan chocolate Oreo cake, it was pretty awesome and Ross took a photo where I am clearly having some feelings about Felix eating it:


So Felix had a pretty nice day, but there was not much fanfare all up. Poor little second baby. Oh well, I'm sure we'll make more of his birthday celebrations once he can remember them.

In the meantime, we'll just try to have some nice times and take a photo or two.

Super brothers.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Heppy New Year!

 Yep that title has a typo and it stays. Have a hep new year like all the other hep-cats around.

So, how's things? We had a pretty quiet new years' celebration, we cooked up a ham that Ross got in his Christmas hamper, and it was delicious! We took Henry to see the bonfire and fireworks display at 9pm, then came home and crashed. I woke up at midnight when the massive fireworks party happened, but I didn't get up to watch or anything. Party poopers!

As much as it is almost impossible to get these dudes in front of a camera, they both kind of love photobooth, so it's relatively easy to get funny grainy shots like these. Felix and that cracker is my favourite.

Oh yeah and also it was my birthday the other day, but I think I've stopped celebrating nowadays. Ross and I went out for dinner while Vicki watched the boys, and it was quite nice.

There are some bigtime post-holiday-bleh feelings around here, so we took the tree down yesterday. Decorations really do just turn into visual noise after a while, it's quite relaxing to have the blank space instead. Plus we're all just exhausted because Felix still doesn't sleep properly. Poor dude still gets so itchy, I may have to take him to get another allergy test to see if there's anything else triggering his rash. That said, time will probably be the thing that gets rid of it in the end, so just waiting it out is also an option.

Anyway anyway anyway. Must share something else so that we don't end on a whinge. Oh yeah, I've got just the thing:

See, we were having trouble trying to find stuff to put in Felix's shoes as presents from the Jolasveinar, so I made him this ridiculous and terrifying puppet. I was so proud of it that I took a photo to send to people, but then Henry stumbled across the photo while he was playing on the computer. I didn't want to risk ruining the idea of the Jolasveinar for him, so I decided not to put it in Felix's shoe... However, it's Felix's birthday on Monday. I predict he'll either fall madly in love with it, or run screaming from the room. Place your bets!