Friday, June 5, 2015


Both as in Perth, and as in perfect, because I'm so glad to finally be here again! PERF!

The trip over was long, as always, but both of the boys were amazingly well behaved. Henry especially was really patient and chilled out; poor Felix didn't always understand why I wouldn't let him run around at any given moment. He'd alternate between wriggling and crying, and then looking at me earnestly and saying 'duck' (stuck, for all you non-baby speakers out there.) It took him a while to understand that being stuck was the whole point of the exercise.

Anyway, we're now in Roley trying to figure out jet lag, plus Felix has a bit of a cough and his eczema is going nuts. But apart from that, we are awesome and in Australia, woo!

Friday, May 15, 2015


It is happening, guys!

Our boxes got picked up and have left the country! They're currently sitting in a warehouse in Rotterdam! They will eventually head to Australia!

We hired a massive skip bin and threw away hundreds of things, mostly chipboard furniture. Woo! Ross and I have sworn a solemn vow that we're not going to buy any chipboard stuff in Australia. We probably will, but it won't be the one million cupboards and desks that were still mysteriously inhabiting our house!

My mum is here to help us pack up, and also to accompany me and the boys on our trip home. Ross is going to visit the US on his way back, but we're going the quicker and easier way. I'm a bit sad to miss out on seeing Joe and co., but I'm also quite relieved to spend less time in transit with the two little dudes.

I think Felix is heading for one nap a day territory, which is good and bad. I love naptime so much! But he's not as tired and cranky, and he's sleeping better at night, so on the whole it's a good thing.

Also in Felix news, he's got a new smile happening:

He looks hilarious when he does it, so everyone laughs, and then of course he keeps on doing it. Awesome.

What else? I feel like Henry is getting a bit stressed about leaving - maybe not consciously, because I don't think he really realises what's going on, but he's just a bit more sensitive than usual. Or maybe he's just going through a phase - either way, he's been needing quite a lot of cuddles and reassurance lately.

Last night he wanted me to come into his room, because he was scared a monster might come through the door. He said maybe a bad guy would make a monster, and send him into the house to get Henry. So we made up a story where all of us got superpowers, and we defeated the monster and threw him out. After I said that part, Henry all of a sudden started sobbing again, because the monster would be sad if we threw him out, and it wasn't really his fault, it was the bad guy's fault. So we apologised to the monster and he came to live with us in the story. Such a sweet boy.

I found some ancient red hair dye in Amma's cupboard, that I bought when I was here in 2002. So of course I decided to try it out on my hair, but it smelled awful once I opened it, so I decided against it.  I then had to go out and buy some new hair dye, because I got too excited to let the idea drop. I ended up putting a blonde rinse through the ends of my hair - you can barely see it, but the process brought me some joy, so it's all good.

We've been doing little bits and pieces around the house to make it nice for the tenant - it's funny how many things you just adjust to, and you only fix it up once you're about to move out. Oh well, it's very satisfying to get things done, and I'm also diligent at list-making so that I get the extra boost from crossing them off the list. I think we're on schedule with getting everything done, there's just a wave of worry every so often that we've missed out on something really important. We'll see.

Sunday, April 26, 2015


Argh, high hopes again! A couple that had previously looked at the house came round again yesterday, along with a builder/carpenter guy. It was terrifying, plus I again had trouble with getting too excited about the whole deal. I'm trying not to be too optimistic, so we're going to go ahead with the renting and just take the sale if/when it happens.

Felix's new favourite game is to grab Henry's discarded clothes and bring them to me, and then make squeaky noises at me until I put them on him. Then he prances around giggling, maybe pretending to be Henry? It is funny.

The dudes are definitely spending more of their time together playing, rather than fighting and screeching at each other... Eh, who am I kidding, there's lots of that, too. But I definitely feel like Felix is finally approaching a phase where he and Henry can interact as nearly equals, which is wonderful and endlessly entertaining for all parties.

What else? My weekend in Reykjavik with Edda was AMAZING - I took zero photos, though, sorry. I honestly wasn't sure if I'd enjoy the drag queens, but they were great. My highpoint was when a couple of them sang 'Total Eclipse of the Heart', which was a karaoke staple when we lived in London, so that brought back lots of memories. They even sang it in the same style as we used to, ie. shouting the hell out of the last couple of choruses 'I REALLY NEED YOU TONIGHT! FOREVER'S GONNA START TONIIIIIGHT! FOREVER'S GONNA START TONIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT! Ahem.

Anyway, apart from that awesomeness, we went to some cool bars, and ate some amazing food, and slept in til 12, and ate lollies and watched trashy tv in our hotel room. It was basically perfect, I feel like Edda is an alternate reality version of me, which makes it super fun whenever we get to spend time together.  I'm going to miss her so much when we leave!

Life is pretty much plodding on, otherwise. We had a public holiday for the first day of summer on Thursday (spoiler: it snowed, and is snowing again today, and if I wasn't already on my way out I would be full of desperation and longing for the sun). The boxes are getting picked up this week, so that's a massive thing to tick off the to-do list. Everything else is mostly sorting out paperwork and other such garbage - blech, who can be bothered with that?

Okay, I think it's time to go and do something useful... Hate this snowed in feeling - it's not like I would be outside in the garden anyway, but I still feel trapped when I don't even have the option.

Monday, April 13, 2015


We have packed - well, Ross did most of the work. We're getting the stuff shipped soon, then renting the house out on June 1st, if no one buys it before then.
So Ross and I were talking the other night about selling the house.

R: Do you even know where the deed to the house is?
O (slightly offended, because I spent ages sorting out paperwork): Yeah, of course!
O (looks at shelf where documents were - panics - looks at packing boxes): ...
R: It's been packed, hasn't it?

O: ... Yep.

In my defense, I did know where it was - in the purple plastic folder! Luckily, Ross packed in an organised fashion, and labelled the boxes as he went, so it was pretty easy to find.

What else? I decided that when finding a tenant, facebook is kind of great and probably just as good as actual references. I mean, with references, you can just get a friend to lie for you and pretend to have been your landlord/boss (hi Victoria!), but if you have a semi public facebook page, then I can see all kinds of clues to your general character. Yay technology.

Also, in a town this small, everyone knows everyone and their mum, so we can probably get a fair idea of what people are like just by listening to gossip*. And then when it comes down to it, it's probably always a gamble with tenants. But there's not too much that can be destroyed in our house (touch wood), so I think it'll all be okay.

* Although I wonder what people's impression of me would be based purely on gossip?

Henry has started doing this random weird sigh - he says he's not sad or anything, apparently he feels hot and it cools him down? Anyway, it sounds like the most passive aggressive annoyed noise. It grates on my nerves like you wouldn't believe, but I asked him to stop and then felt bad about squashing his personality. Hopefully he'll stop on his own.

In other news, there was a massive blizzard on Saturday. We were stuck in the house all day, and then on Sunday morning it looked like winter again. I keep expecting it to be spring, and then this happens and I get all disappointed.

If you lived on my street, you'd see my daily ritual of opening the front door, frowning, and then bitterly muttering 'spring?!' Sometimes I shake my fist at the sky. Good times.

Ooh, this weekend my friend Edda and I are going to Reykjavik to see RuPaul's drag race live! I've never actually watched the show, but I am definitely looking forward to a night out with my best Icelandic friend. We're going to stay in a hotel! And drink at bars! And eat food in restaurants! And watch drag queens! I AM EXCITED FRIENDS.

I think that's it for now. Gonna go and give some stuff away on facebook. Anyone want a vintage fridge that doesn't work? More to the point, do you feel like lugging that monster out of my basement? Anyone?

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Felix says no...

Just for you, Anja!

Monday, March 16, 2015


Hello again!

So the house selling continues, and we've had quite a few people come look at the place over the last month or so. They have all been nicer than my 'friend'*, in that if they have any terrible things to say about the house, they wait until after they leave to say them. Good for them.

* Holy crap I promise I'll let it go one day, but it looks like today is not that day.

Anyway, I'm gradually getting less anxious every time someone comes over - I figure it's a numbers game, so I don't have to work overtime trying to convince any one particular person. When the right person comes along, they'll buy it, and worrying about that won't help.

A guy came around last week and sounded really keen on the house, but I'm trying desperately not to hope too much, because I don't want to be disappointed if it falls through. He seems like a nice, straightforward guy, so if he wants it I'm sure we'll hear about it soon enough.

What else? We all had a hellish flu one for a little while there, but we're better now. The days have started getting longer again, and it's actually starting to get light in the mornings. I always forget how quickly it changes, one week you'll be driving to leikskoli in the dark, then all of a sudden it's light when you get up! Yay!

Vicki babysat for us on Saturday night so that Ross and I could go out for dinner and then drinks with his friend Oli. It was really nice to socialise a bit, except for the part where I got too excited and forgot how to space my drinks. So Sunday was fun, but lucky for me Ross got up early with the boys. Good times!

Oh yeah, Felix has started talking more, he now says 'nana' for banana, and 'up' when he wants to get up. Oh my gosh it's so much nicer than the screeching. He's also got the hang of the word 'no', which is funny. He's just so blunt and matter of fact - when I ask if I can have a kiss, he just looks at me deadpan and goes 'No.' It's a pretty aussie sounding no, too. Awesomely adorable.

Okay, I think that'll be all for now. Hope you are all well!

Monday, February 9, 2015

House selling part one million...

Okay, I take it back. Selling your house is not fun, it's demoralising and sad. We had an aquaintance who seemed really keen to buy, but then came to our house a couple of times with 'experts' who proceed to criticise everything about our home (joke's on them, the first expert actually said the house was great and appropriately priced. Second one was a knob, though*).

Anyway anyway anyway, the potential buyer made us a ridiculous and insulting offer, so we refused and now we're back at square one. Oh well. The ad should go up on the real estate website soonish, so we'll be able to spread the word and find someone else who'd like to live here!

*And, as it turns out, probably not a qualified 'expert', just a friend hired to talk shit about our house in order to lower the price. Yay!

The whole thing really threw me, I've been feeling quite down and cross and sad all week.  I think it's mostly because I wanted our friend to buy our house, but it turns out they're not our friend anyway! I'm over it now, and it can be a purely business decision which will hopefully be sorted soon!

What else? I got this hilarious thing in the mail:

Cannot figure out how to flip it horizontally, but that text on the front says 'Er allt í legi með þér?' which is a funny pun, because 'er allt í lagi með þér?' means, 'are you okay?', but 'legi' means uterus, and it is totally a flyer that they sent out to remind people to go have a pap smear. Sorry about the TMI. It's just such a weirdly hip looking flyer, it looks like an invite to a gig or something.

Hmm, what else? Felix's skin gets better and worse, that is just pretty much our lot at the moment. We're giving him a break from the steroid cream, but I'm terrified his skin will get itchy and awful again. Haha, he's also learned a bunch of new sounds and almost words - he now says cheers, look and yessssssss! Wonder where he got that one from.

I had another excellent conversation with Henry the other day, wherein he told me a long rambly story about how if you were playing football, and you used a rude voice, then no one would give you the ball, so you have to use your manners and your nice voice, even though you're outside... I agreed wholeheartedly with whatever he was going on about, then he paused, looked at me and said 'I'm going to be a dog.' He then dropped to the floor and crawled around barking for a while. As you do.

Anyway. Anyone want to buy my house? DO IT.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Snow days and home improvements

We are getting the house ready for selling, it is kind of fun! Maybe not fun, but definitely satisfying (says the lady who's doing almost none of the big heavy annoying jobs).

I'm helping!
On the other hand, Felix and I did change the leaky tap in the kitchen, and I was pretty ridiculously proud.  He looks pretty pleased about it, too. I'm also making it a goal to remove at least one thing (preferably a bag of things!) from the house every day this week.
Meanwhile Ross has been putting new floors in and painting everywhere - he's doing a wonderful job. I just can't wait til we get everything in the house sorted and then someone lovely can buy it!

There's been tonnes of snow lately, Henry has had a couple of snow days at home these past couple of weeks. He has been super keen on going lately, though, poor little dude gets quite frustrated with Felix trying to take his toys all the time. It's much more fun playing with the bigger kids at Leikskoli.

That said, they had a pretty great time together yesterday, ran around heaps and giggled and cuddled. It was lovely.

What else? I finally told the ladies at leikskoli that we're heading to Australia, although I just realised I forgot to ask if they'd like to own a tonne of our toys. There's just so much stuff around here, but I'm feeling really excited about getting rid of most of it. Hopefully everyone else feels the same way! 

Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy birthday Felix!

Holy moly, this little dude turned one today!

Lucky for Felix, he has a big brother for helping with stuff like unwrapping presents and blowing out candles and stuff.

I made a vegan chocolate Oreo cake, it was pretty awesome and Ross took a photo where I am clearly having some feelings about Felix eating it:


So Felix had a pretty nice day, but there was not much fanfare all up. Poor little second baby. Oh well, I'm sure we'll make more of his birthday celebrations once he can remember them.

In the meantime, we'll just try to have some nice times and take a photo or two.

Super brothers.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Heppy New Year!

 Yep that title has a typo and it stays. Have a hep new year like all the other hep-cats around.

So, how's things? We had a pretty quiet new years' celebration, we cooked up a ham that Ross got in his Christmas hamper, and it was delicious! We took Henry to see the bonfire and fireworks display at 9pm, then came home and crashed. I woke up at midnight when the massive fireworks party happened, but I didn't get up to watch or anything. Party poopers!

As much as it is almost impossible to get these dudes in front of a camera, they both kind of love photobooth, so it's relatively easy to get funny grainy shots like these. Felix and that cracker is my favourite.

Oh yeah and also it was my birthday the other day, but I think I've stopped celebrating nowadays. Ross and I went out for dinner while Vicki watched the boys, and it was quite nice.

There are some bigtime post-holiday-bleh feelings around here, so we took the tree down yesterday. Decorations really do just turn into visual noise after a while, it's quite relaxing to have the blank space instead. Plus we're all just exhausted because Felix still doesn't sleep properly. Poor dude still gets so itchy, I may have to take him to get another allergy test to see if there's anything else triggering his rash. That said, time will probably be the thing that gets rid of it in the end, so just waiting it out is also an option.

Anyway anyway anyway. Must share something else so that we don't end on a whinge. Oh yeah, I've got just the thing:

See, we were having trouble trying to find stuff to put in Felix's shoes as presents from the Jolasveinar, so I made him this ridiculous and terrifying puppet. I was so proud of it that I took a photo to send to people, but then Henry stumbled across the photo while he was playing on the computer. I didn't want to risk ruining the idea of the Jolasveinar for him, so I decided not to put it in Felix's shoe... However, it's Felix's birthday on Monday. I predict he'll either fall madly in love with it, or run screaming from the room. Place your bets!