Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Weather, part eleventy-five

Still terrible weather, you guys. Ross and I tried to head to Akureyri on Monday, since the website for the roads said that they were being plowed, and there was no snowfall expected. What we didn't realise was that even if it's not technically snowING, winds of 12m/s + piles of powdery snow around = it may as well be snowing, because your visibility is still utterly crap.

So we drove past Varmahlid (usually about a half hour drive, this time it took about 45 minutes), then as we turned east we just couldn't see anything. I made some half-jokes about it being fine to turn around, then we decided that it would be completely ridiculous getting the car stuck just for the sake of Christmas. Ross did a three point turn in the middle of the road, and then on the way back we neeeeearly drove off the road. Good times.

We did a bit of shopping at the local co-op on the way home, just so the whole day wasn't a waste, but it was pretty disappointing. Not sure if we'll end up getting to the big city before Christmas, but I guess that just means less money spent on stuff... 

This morning the weather was pretty hideous, but we sent Henry to school anyway because it was their Christmas party! I have a funny feeling lots of kids would have stayed home if it had been any other day; the police ended up closing the roads around town at lunchtime, and the primary school cancelled their buses, and stated that they're not sending any kids home unattended. There's a bit of a let up in the wind at the moment, so Ross has gone to pick Henry up early to avoid the worst of it.

With Ross gone and Felix asleep, the house is so dead quiet for the first time in aages. I guess all the snow is muffling any outside sounds, because it's just so peaceful. Also we were just watching some Bob Ross, so I guess that has put me in a pretty zen state of mind.

This photo is from the snow day the other day, it is my favourite.
Okay, it's now nighttime, so I'm just going to post this and do some more later! Maybe there's time for one more Bob Ross episode before bed.

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