Thursday, December 11, 2014


Hullo! It's day two of a blizzard, so we are all cooped up inside and bouncing off the walls (some more than others, *cough*Henry). Here's hoping the weather lets up by tomorrow.

I'd say this drift is about a metre deep.

What else? I've been meaning to write for ages, just get so bogged down and easily distracted at the moment. So there'll be some bigtime summarizing, I think.


... is 11 months old, and is looking forward to his first Christmas (just kidding, he has no idea what's going on. He likes the tree, though!)
... now has six teeth, walks like a professional, and tries to climb everything.
... makes a huge variety of noises, from shrieks to grunts to groans and yelps. Also he knows that sheep say Baaaa.
... is about seven hundred times happier since he got some new steroid cream and drowse-inducing antihistamines for his eczema. At his 10 month old check up, the doctor was not pleased with how his skin was looking, but she was very impressed with how chipper and playful he was despite his discomfort. Also I put his official 'walking' age as about 10 and a half months, same as Henry. What a dude.

This guy.

... has stayed home for the past two days, and is definitely ready to go back to school, where there is entertainment in the form of other kids. He has this one friend called Aron Logi, and every time I come pick him up, Henry says to me, hey look, this is Aron Logi. And then I talked to Aron Logi the other day, and he was like, hey, I'm Aron Logi. And I was like, yes, you sure are.
... is a super sweetheart when it comes to his little brother. And everything, really. The other day he cried while watching a cartoon about Old Mother Hubbard - it was the dark version where the dog pretends to be dead in one verse, and the whole thing made him tear up. Such a sensitive and sweet boy.
... has started singing Christmas songs in Icelandic, and it is the cutest thing ever.


... had planned to take a week off before Christmas so that he could work on the house a bit, but it turns out that to take paternity leave, he had to have a minimum of two weeks. Oh noes! Two weeks off it is!
... went out today to pick up some flooring for the bathroom, but had to spend about half an hour digging the car out first. He then went to the shops and picked up food for us, Amma and Vicki. Gentleman.
... has not been photographed much recently. I know it made me really sad to go through a phase where there weren't any photos of me, so I will do my best to remedy that situation at some point.


... refuses to talk about herself in the third person. So there.
I've been reading a couple of style blogs lately, and have come to the realisation that I've spent 30 years not knowing which side is my 'good side' for photos. I'm still not sure, maybe they're both excellent? Anyway, in the course of trying to figure out which side is better, I realised that I totally have my Olga Amma's nose. I somehow didn't notice quite how pointy it is in profile. Again: 30 years with this face, and it's like I never actually looked at it properly.

What else? Ross and I are hoping to go to Akureyri one day before Christmas, but if the weather stays like this I doubt we'll make it. It should ease up at some point, surely. Please?

I insisted that we put up the Christmas tree yesterday, since we were all at home. Henry didn't care at all, it was almost comical how much he ignored it. He loves it now, just didn't really mind whether he put the decorations up or not. And this came after I had consciously decided to not worry about whether the tree looked 'good' or 'right', just to enjoy that we all had a fun time. Ha.

Okay, I'm done for now. Wish me a snow-free day tomorrow!


Maja said...

Man, blizzardy snow is just a pain in the butt, isn't it. Speaking of snow, I was listening to RTRfm today and they played a Snowman song from your first album, which naturally made me think of you and Ross. Snowman gets played pretty often on that radio station and the dj's always talk about how great you guys were. I like that :)

Yay for anti-histamines and steroid cream! Olivia loooved helping to decorate the Christmas tree, that's so funny Henry wasn't interested.
You do very well on the blog updates compared to most people. xxx

olga said...

Maja, he didn't want to do the tree because he was too busy watching Numberjacks! He got weirdly obsessed with it, I just don't get the appeal. Also Ross and I started calling it Numberwang as a joke, and it seems to have stuck. Oops. xx