Thursday, October 9, 2014

More excellent conversations with Henry

Okay, so for some backstory, Henry often takes a loooong time to eat his dinner. It's not necessarily that he doesn't like it, he just dawdles and dawdles FOREVER. Fixing that is a work in progress, but we try not to let it become too big a deal.

ANYWAY. Last night, he had eaten about half of his dinner, and we said he could leave the table after six more bites - and he knows that they have to be proper sized bites. He insists that we count the bites on our fingers, so Ross held up five fingers, one by one, for his first five bites. Then for the last one, he tried to half-ass it, and just ate a single piece of spaghetti. Ross said it wasn't big enough to make the last finger go all the way up, so he kind of held his finger half up.

Which was fine for a minute, Henry thought it was kind of funny. So Ross hammed it up, and said look, the finger is sad, he just wants to stand up all the way, he's crying because he wants to stand up like the other fingers, boo hoo.
At which point Henry's face just crumpled, and he started with these heaving sobs - he couldn't even talk, he was crying so hard. When he'd calmed down enough to speak again, he explained that the six was too sad, and it made him sad.

Seriously, that guy is a sweet guy. He managed to calm down eventually, and then ate his last bite with gusto. And there was much rejoicing.

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Anonymous said...

Love my boys. Miss them lots. Mum