Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Jokes and costumes!

Henry has started making some pretty hilarious jokes, today he recited this gem:

Little Jack Horner,
Stuck in his thumb,
A poo.

Okay, so obviously he can't quite remember how the rhyme actually goes, but he says it with such a straight face, it's like a weird little free-verse spoken word performance.


So it's October, which means Halloween is coming up! That means that I'll spend three and a half weeks googling awesome costumes, and then do precisely nothing on the 31st. I always feel like such a faker, since Halloween isn't really a tradition in any of the places I call home... But costumes, though! Where's the harm in adopting fun holidays, especially when it involves dressing up your kids?

Anyway, Edda (being from Scotland) loves Halloween and wants to celebrate, so we might do something this year, even if it just ends up being wearing costumes at her house. My current favourite idea is a ninja turtle for Henry, and Felix could maybe be Splinter? Or Ross suggested Krang, that could be kind of amazing. I don't have a yellow jumpsuit, so I won't be 90's era April O'Neil, but the 2003 series that Henry watches on Youtube has a different looking April... Aaaaand I'm overthinking it! Let the process begin!

I went to the Red Cross market yesterday, and bought a massive bag of stuff just for me. I was hoping to find something inspirational and costumey, but I guess a bag of clothes that I will actually wear is a pretty good consolation prize.


What else? Felix nearly has a new tooth, it's just barely poking through up the top. Also he's getting pretty good at standing up and has started letting go of whatever he's holding onto. And Ross saw him climb his first stair the other day... Fun times ahead!

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Maja said...

I never really think about halloween.. must remember to buy some lollies for the trick or treaters though. I forgot last year. I've started thinking about Christmas already. They set up the Christmas shops in all the Myer stores her two weeks ago! I love decorating for Christmas.