Friday, October 3, 2014

Etceteras and sundries...

Some little bits and pieces about Greece, before I forget completely...

1) Greek people love babies (or maybe just Felix). Everywhere we went, he got smiles and tickles and free waffle cones. Ross got stopped at a supermarket so that some old people could chat for a while - Felix apparently gurgles in Greek.

2) We ate so much incredible food while we were there, but my favourites were the really simple bits, like kebabs and amazing salads. I rarely order salads at restaurants, but because I was trying to avoid dairy it often seemed like the safest option. Which turned out to be a great thing, because Santorini has the BEST tomatoes I've ever tasted. Flavourful and amazing.

3) It was pretty awesome just enjoying the heat. I finally managed to adjust to wearing skirts without leggings, I always feel so naked and indecent for the first couple of times, just because I'm so used to never being barelegged. But yeah, being toasty all the time is pretty nice.


Tragicomedy from dinner the other night: We decided to have tacos, and I checked all the ingredients lists EXCEPT for the seasoning mix. Then after I'd added it to the meat, I realised it contained lactose. Two reactions: Nooooooo! and Whyyyyyyy? So I was probably more disappointed than I should have been, as I seem to lose all sense of emotional resilience when I'm hungry.

Okay, so I decided to cook up some mushrooms and onions with some spices (and no lactose!), and yay, it smelled really awesome! Then Felix woke up, and was super upset to sit in his chair at the table. So I picked him up, and while he was sitting with me, he grabbed my bowl of mushrooms and threw them on the floor... I'm not going to lie, some real tears came out of my face. Ross said I just looked so utterly heartbroken. Hilarious in hindsight, though.


Henry's game this morning was to crush-hug Felix and I, then pretend we were as flat as pancakes. He would then pretend to pour syrup on us, and eat us up. He really is a total sweetheart.

He is also really into taking photos with the webcam. Awesome times.

Felix's eczema seems to be getting a bit better, which is good. For a while there it felt like he was the same, and so it felt really pointless cutting out all that stuff from our diets. I'm still waiting to get an appointment with a nutritionist - I'd really like some clarification on whether a peanut allergy includes other nuts, and whether he (we) should be avoiding other high-allergy foods just in case.

Oh yeah, and if you think I'm obsessing over this food thing, you are totally correct. I've had three dreams in the past week where I eat something chocolatey, then realise that I've messed up and feel really guilty. Then I wake up, and it turns out I don't need to feel guilty at all! They're so vivid that in the latest one, Dream Me even commented on the fact that it wasn't a dream this time - I'm clearly not one of those people who knows when they're dreaming.


Argh, the weather! Today it snowed quite a lot! I mean, I guess it's not really that outrageous, it is late autumn after all. Still, that doesn't stop me from being outraged... Just not ready for winter yet - although I guess it's probably our last one here for a while, so that's a bit of a ray of sunshine.


Anonymous said...

Great post, made me laugh. Well done with sticking to the food allowances, it's all worth it if Felix gets rash free. Enjoy the winter, GO sledding, make a snowman etc.
Enjoy that you've got your family to yourself cos when you get back you'll have to share big time. Can't wait! Lots of love. Mum

Anna said...

Ha ha ha. I totally get the hungry thing. Go from being pretty chill to massive potential meltdown in no time. Glad to hear the eczema is doing better!

Maja said...

I remember eating lots of greek salads in the greek islands, they were the best.