Sunday, September 14, 2014

Photo-filled Santorini post!

Many photos, few words.

The view from our apartment!


Breakfast is hard!




On a boat!

Bride and maid of honor!

Uncle Jesse, Henry and Eva the beautiful bride!



Father of the bride!

Husband and wife!


Henry found a praying mantis at the reception, and it was the highlight of his life so far.

Vicki's sister Kerry took this awesome family photo of us - it's the first one where Henry looks happy! My favourite part is Felix's little finger poking Henry. These dudes are the best.

So yeah, we had a fantastic time! The food was awesome, spending time with family and friends was amazing, and the wedding was absolutely stunningly beautiful. The boys did great with all the traveling and meeting people, and I was so proud of both of them. Of course they each had some minor meltdowns when things got a bit too stressful, but hey, who didn't? I think I'll probably leave it there for now, might do a bit more sharing later.  


Anja said...

YAY!!!!!!!! All these photos are so great. I just cant stop watching photos of the wedding, it is hard getting back into daily routine after this incredible time in santorini. love you guys so much xxx

Maja said...

What a gorgeous wedding. Felix's face reminds me of Valdi as a baby in your awesome family photo. Henry is such a handsome little guy.