Monday, September 1, 2014


Felix had an appointment with a paediatrician from Akureyri the other day - she came to the local hospital though, so that makes life easier. Anyway, she gave me all the normal advice for eczema, plus some stronger steroid cream, and instructions for both of us to cut out dairy completely. I said that I'd been trying to cut down and she kind of laughed and said no, if there's any dairy protein at all in your system, he's getting it. So I have to stop half-assing it, and read ingredients lists for stuff like milk powder. Booo!
It's definitely made me more mindful of what and when I'm eating, and I realised that I tend to nibble on food constantly throughout the day. Must invest in some delicious snacks! I had a mega craving this morning for cheese, so I made hummus which was a pretty acceptable substitute? I think I wanted rich flavoured + proteiny, so it was perfect. Unfortunately I'm not eating nuts, either, or that would be the perfect solution to all my snacking woes.

Oh yeah, but on the plus side, she said Felix was allowed to have wheat, which I'd been avoiding up until now. I gave him a pile of Cheerios, and he fell in love. He doesn't quite have the fine motor skills to pick them up individually, so he just grabs a handful and mashes them into his face with glee.

What else? Not sure if I already told this story, but when I told Henry that he would have to dress up for the wedding, he said he would like to be Spiderman. Not sure how we'll go getting him into formal wear in thirty degree humid heat (also we don't really have proper formal wear, just a button up shirt and some nice pants. Hope that'll do!)

We fly out to Santorini tomorrow! Felix has gotten himself a nice cold to have on the plane, nothing like a sick baby as an excellent travel companion. We've nearly finished packing, just have to sort out a few odds and ends today. I thought that I was being sensibly relaxed about it, but it turns out I was procrastinating. Oops.

Anyway, I think we're all ready to go, and it looks like the volcano is keeping itself busy without interrupting flights. Fingers crossed it stays that way!

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Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful holiday in Santorini. No Skypes I guess, so you get a holiday from those. Love you all. Enjoy! From mum