Saturday, September 20, 2014

Allergies, boo!

So we went to Akureyri yesterday so that Felix could get an allergy test, and the verdict is in! No eggs, dairy or peanuts for either of us (at least until he's weaned, and then I shall celebrate with a peanut butter milkshake - is that a thing? It should be.) Prepare for some food related whinging over the next couple of months. Also, hit me with your favourite dairy free desserts, I am mostly craving sweet treats.

Anyway, I'm glad we know what's going on, and hopefully we can help make Felix feel better. It was a bit of an ordeal having to go to Akureyri, but such is life. I've met with this particular paediatrician a few times now, and I always come away feeling kind of crap, like I've disappointed her or something? I think it probably has something to do with her phrasing (and my translation thereof). I mean, yes, his eczema is pretty bad, but when she looked at him she said his skin was 'not good enough', which seems to be a bit of a trigger phrase that just makes me feel terrible.

What else? There's been this weird fog cloud hanging around the fjord lately, I think it's somehow related to the volcano in the south. It's supposedly not toxic or anything, just makes the sky a bit strange sometimes. Henry has a bit of a cough at the moment, and I'm not sure whether it's illness or a bit of a sensitivity to whatever is in the air. Hopefully it'll pass soon.


Anna said...

Oh man, that is brutal. Cara has been making me vegan chocolate a lot lately, it tastes like coconut rough. I'll get the recipe off her.

Also that sucks about the pediatrician. Probably just a rough person herself.

Anja said...

I am gad you guys know for sure now what caused the eczma. Also glad it isnt a gluten intolerance because that would mean no bread, pasta, pizza, cakes etc. Would be a lot harder, at least for me.
In terms of alternatives and cravings:
a) when i have choc craving, i love having a hot chocolate from almond milk with some cacao powder and honey
b) pancakes à la amma can easily be made with flour and just some water or if you prefer soy/rice/almond milk. There is no need for egg!
c) there is soy creme which you can use for substituing bechamel or for making cremy sauces.
Also there is a ton of vegan recipes out there for chocolate mousse and other cakes and sweet desserts. I dont know if you get soy joghurt but thats also nice with some berries from the freezer.

I hope you will have some fun in trying out new recipes! Much love xxx

Maja said...

I saw this one on facebook and my neighbour reckons it's pretty good.

YOu can also make biscuits out of almond meal though maybe that's too nutty?

Macaroons using coconut?

Maja said...

Oh, and maybe you can make sorbet or something?

olga said...

Thanks for the brainstorming dudes! Anja, you're right, gluten free would be way harder, I don't know how we'd survive without pasta and bread.

Maja, sorbet, yes! Also that mousse looks good, and the comments on that site are pretty funny - some people take it quite seriously!