Sunday, August 17, 2014

Power, teeth and baby's first joke

There was a power outage all over town the other day, and it was hilarious how much I and everyone I know take electricity for granted.

'Darn, I can't vaccuum, and I can't watch anything on the internet, so I guess I'll do the ironing instea- Oh.'

'Hmm, I wonder when the power will come back on, maybe I'll phone the power company. What's their number? I'll look onli- Ah.'

'Boooooooored. Sooooooo booooooooored.'

N.B. I was definitely not the one trying to iron, just in case anyone needed telling.


What else? Felix has a little tooth poking through, but it's just the one at the moment. He's been pretty uncomfortable during the whole process, so I hope the second one comes through soon and we can all have a break from teething while we're in Santorini. On the plus side his skin is somewhat better, but we're still waiting to get an appointment in Akureyri to find out what, if anything, is causing the eczema.


Funny thing from this afternoon: Henry was eating some watermelon, so I gave a piece to Felix as well. He and Nina then proceeded to go all Lady and the Tramp on this bit of watermelon, Nina trying to get one end while Felix was nomming on the other. Funny and gross and probably terrible parenting, although I did take it away from both of them eventually. They were sorely disappointed.


Henry has started getting a feel for what jokes are; his favourite one involves saying 'swimming poo' instead of 'swimming pool'. You can't tell me that's not funny. Also the other day Ross asked him 'Am I right or am I right?' and he replied with 'I'm left.' Not sure if someone else taught him that one, it sounds like pretty advanced punning for a three year old. 


He's moving up to the big leikskoli next week, so instead of being the oldest kid in his class, he'll be one of the little ones again. I think he'll enjoy it, he tends to get quite frustrated with the younger kids who don't quite know how to behave. And he's very vocal when he sees someone doing something wrong - my son the tattletale. 

I think that's probably all for now, although I'll try to put some photos up sometime soon. That'll probably require taking some! Wish me luck.

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Maja said...

Power outages do make you realise how much we use electricity these days. A charged up smart phone is always handy in those times.