Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Return to Oz...

So dudes, we have made a big decision - we are going to move back to Australia next year!

We always said we'd stay for five years and then look at what we wanted to do, and it turns out that what we want is to go back home for a while. It should probably have been a clue to me that we were still calling it 'home' after so many years. Aaaand now I have that song in my head. I bet you do, too.

It's a pretty hard decision; we're definitely feeling like no matter where we go, we'll be missing someone. Anyway, we've only just decided, so now we're looking at the logistics of it - man I hate logistics. Shipping our gear (how much of it, though?), selling our house, finding a new house, moving the dog (or not?). We do have a whole year to try and sort it out, so I'm trying to think of it in the tiniest possible steps, so it actually feels achievable.

I'm super excited about seeing all our friends and family again, and I think it'll be easier for Henry and Felix socially, too. Amma has made me promise that we'll speak some Icelandic at home to try to keep him somewhat fluent - ah, that old chestnut. We'll see how it goes!

And it's only a week until Santorini, so I should probably do some organising and packing for that soon! I'm hoping the weather is good, the summer here has been pretty hit and miss, and we're all craving some sunshine. It also recently occurred to us that if that volcano erupts, we could be utterly screwed, but we're hoping for the best. If the worst comes to the worst, there's a ferry to Denmark followed by about 30 hours of driving... But it probably won't come to that.

Henry and I were talking about Santorini, and I had explained to him that Aunty Eva was getting married.
H: Yep, we're going because Aunty Eva is getting married from Uncle John!
Me: Haha, no, she's getting married TO Uncle John.
H (wide eyed but kind of excited, mind blown): ... TWO UNCLE JOHNS?!
Love that guy.

Friday, August 22, 2014


Felix has been having a terrible time lately with his teeth and his eczema - and so of course the rest of us have suffered, too. I keep starting to write a blog post, but it's just all whinge, so I give it a miss. But hey, maybe you'd prefer whinge to radio silence? If so, read on!

It's nine o'clock in the morning right now, and Felix has been crying for just about a solid hour. I just managed to get him to sleep in the Ergo carrier, so now I'm doing a standing desk thing at the kitchen hatch.

Haha, I was going to purposely try to do one with a slightly mad expression, turns out I didn't need to attempt a crazy face, that's just what I look like right now.

Anyway, the silence is golden, and I got a doctor's appointment for him today, so hopefully all will be well. I have a sneaking suspicion that he has an ear infection, he really hasn't been able to lie down and sleep lately. And then the more tired he gets, the more he scratches his eczema, and the itchier it gets, and the harder it is for him to sleep. Blah blah whinge, vicious cycle, parenting is hard, etc.

On the plus side, there's this face.

What else? Someone linked to this essay that made me laugh so hard: Hello stranger on the street, could you please tell me how to look after my baby? Especially the rash on his face part, I can just relate so much, and now if we're out in public and someone seems to be judging me, I just turn to Ross and ask 'Is his onesie his face?' Golden.

Henry has been going to the big leikskoli all this week, and he's doing really well. He hasn't cried or anything when I've dropped him off, but that could be because he's so excited about all the new and different toys they have. Also the playground is pretty incredible. I seem to have inadvertently created a longwinded goodbye routine - well, it's not that longwinded, but we have to have a high five, then a fist bump, then a kiss goodbye. I wouldn't mind, but it feels a little bit over the top in front of the teachers. I'm sure they just think it's funny.

It's a bit weird, Henry has been awesome with the new school, and he hasn't said anything bad about it, but he has been a little bit more clingy and tantrumy at home. He started trying to fidget with the mole on my chest today, which he hasn't done in aaages. So there is obviously a little bit of adjustment to be done, I'm just trying to give him lots of cuddles and affection so he feels okay.

Ooh, I got a new second cousin, my lovely honorary big sister Maja had a baby boy! Yay for them! Yay for good news in general.

Okay, I'm going to head off now. Might try to sit down with the dude still in the carrier. Just realised I'll probably have to wake him up to get to the doctors. Yaaaaaaaaaaaay. Hope you guys are having a good day!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Power, teeth and baby's first joke

There was a power outage all over town the other day, and it was hilarious how much I and everyone I know take electricity for granted.

'Darn, I can't vaccuum, and I can't watch anything on the internet, so I guess I'll do the ironing instea- Oh.'

'Hmm, I wonder when the power will come back on, maybe I'll phone the power company. What's their number? I'll look onli- Ah.'

'Boooooooored. Sooooooo booooooooored.'

N.B. I was definitely not the one trying to iron, just in case anyone needed telling.


What else? Felix has a little tooth poking through, but it's just the one at the moment. He's been pretty uncomfortable during the whole process, so I hope the second one comes through soon and we can all have a break from teething while we're in Santorini. On the plus side his skin is somewhat better, but we're still waiting to get an appointment in Akureyri to find out what, if anything, is causing the eczema.


Funny thing from this afternoon: Henry was eating some watermelon, so I gave a piece to Felix as well. He and Nina then proceeded to go all Lady and the Tramp on this bit of watermelon, Nina trying to get one end while Felix was nomming on the other. Funny and gross and probably terrible parenting, although I did take it away from both of them eventually. They were sorely disappointed.


Henry has started getting a feel for what jokes are; his favourite one involves saying 'swimming poo' instead of 'swimming pool'. You can't tell me that's not funny. Also the other day Ross asked him 'Am I right or am I right?' and he replied with 'I'm left.' Not sure if someone else taught him that one, it sounds like pretty advanced punning for a three year old. 


He's moving up to the big leikskoli next week, so instead of being the oldest kid in his class, he'll be one of the little ones again. I think he'll enjoy it, he tends to get quite frustrated with the younger kids who don't quite know how to behave. And he's very vocal when he sees someone doing something wrong - my son the tattletale. 

I think that's probably all for now, although I'll try to put some photos up sometime soon. That'll probably require taking some! Wish me luck.

Thursday, August 7, 2014


What's up? We've just been enjoying the holidays - Henry and Ross have gone swimming heaps, we've caught up with our friends a few times, and spent lots of time just playing at home.

Felix learned a new trick - sticking out his tongue. He spent a solid couple of days crawling around with his tongue hanging out like a puppy. Pretty cute.

Aaaand you can see where he gets it from.

My friend Edda and I went out for dinner at Hotel Varmahlid last Sunday night, and it was awesome! It was the first time in a really long time that I've considered taking a photo of my food, it was such a well presented dinner. Also delicious, I'm definitely going to take Ross sometime. After dinner we went to the bar and had a couple of beers, we were definitely living the wild life! It was great to have a proper catch up, and yet again I demonstrate to myself that introvert doesn't necessarily mean 'hates all human contact ever'.

Felix is crawling like a fiend, just super agile and always so pleased with himself. I vaguely recall being surprised when Henry had just started crawling, because I had assumed that the development goes in stages. Like, you learn to crawl, then you just focus on crawling for a while, then later you start trying to pull yourself up to a standing position. But nope, babies do not do that. Crawling allows you to reach different bits of furniture, which allow you to pull yourself up, now! He keeps discovering new objects to climb on and the first attempt is always a bit wobbly, but once he figures it out, he just pulls himself up like it's no big deal. Clever boy.

We had another doctors' visit for his eczema this week - can't remember if I mentioned it, but one doctor thought it might be something fungal, so we got a different type of cream which didn't really work. The latest doctor said she thought it looked eczema-ish, but she gave us a referral to a pediatrician in Akureyri. It was quite a reassuring visit, she just let me know all the things that might help, and it turns out that we're already doing most of them - regular baths but no soap, moisturizer, cotton clothes and keeping him cool. Also we're avoiding the main types of trigger foods like dairy and eggs, and I'm trying to cut them out as well. Black coffee is fine, but I find myself really craving creamy desserts.

Holidays finish this week, so Ross has to go back to work, boo! Also yay! that Henry goes back to leikskoli, I didn't realise how wonderful it is for him to hang out with all the kids and burn up so much energy. I don't know how people manage without it...

I think that's all for now. See you next time!