Sunday, July 6, 2014

And while we're doing milestones...

This guy turned six months old yesterday!

At half a year old, Felix likes:

His big brother and his big dog. And the cuddling thereof.

C'mon, who doesn't want to jump into this cuddle puddle?

Broccoli, and just food in general - the dude trembles with joy at mealtimes.

Baths - he lunges towards the bathroom every time we walk past it, and shrieks with excitement when he's in the water. He sometimes gets to have a bath with his big bro, in which case the happiness is multiplied tenfold. I have a hilarious video, but I think maybe bath videos are a hard limit for what I won't put on my blog. I'll keep it, though, and Felix can put it on his own blog at a later date.

He does not like:

Sleeping for any length of time during the day - no, Felix, a twenty minute nap is not enough to keep any of us sane.
Missing out on stuff - I think he's convinced that we all party while he's asleep, and that's why he gets up again as soon as possible.
Forgiving and moving on - if he feels wronged, he seems to carry on for quite a while before he calms down. I think he may have gotten his long memory and grudge holding skills from me. My mum said it's a Capricorn thing.

He's getting really good at sitting up by himself, although he'll occasionally get too excited and lunge and fall on his face. Yesterday I was sitting behind him and I got up for a second to get something, but I was obviously feeling a little bit worried that he'd fall. Henry saw me, then scooted in behind Felix, so he could catch him if need be. Ross and I died of cute.
Also, I'm pretty sure Felix is just about to crawl, he's getting really good at holding himself up on his hands, and he can get his knees underneath him. Now it's just a matter of figuring out how to go places. Oh the fun that lies ahead!

Anyway, happy half-birthday, Felix! You're my favourite baby boy!


The other big news is that Mum has gone back to Australia, boooooooooo! I mean, not 100% boo, because it's great that she gets to see Dad again and those other children that she owns, but definitely some greater than zero percentage of boo on my behalf.

We've been trying to do some mega decluttering and tidying up around here, it just feels like we're drowning in stuff. So we're shuffling around cupboards and shelves and everything and trying to make more space. We brought the playpen up for Felix, and reminisced about the days when all the baby stuff in the loungeroom could be corralled into that one square metre. Anyway, I guess we're just getting a headstart on the summer holidays, when we plan to do a bunch of Doing Stuff Around the House. Also just some general doing stuff not around the house. Basically we'll be doing things. Maybe I'll even take photos. Stay tuned.


Maja said...

So much cute!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the blog. It still amazes me that Felix has a personality so different to Henry's. I stupidly kind of thought they'd be the same. They are both gorgeous and I miss them and you. Keep blogging! From Mum