Monday, June 2, 2014


Yay! Just managed to book our flights to Greece for Eva's wedding in September! Woot and stuff. I'm really hanging out for some sun, so if the summer here is a massive disappointment, at least we should get a bit of warmth in Santorini!

What else? Felix is still doing a bit of not-great sleeping, he seems to want to sleep in 20-40 minute blocks, every two hours or so during the day. Although as I type this he's been asleep outside for the last two and a half hours, so what do I know? Might be time to go poke him. He has a bit of a cold, so I figured he'd sleep worse than usual today... Happy to be proven wrong.

One of the strategies we've been using for getting Felix to sleep is white noise - it's meant to be all soothing for babies, and then it also seems to mask any noise that the rest of us (read: Henry and Nina) make. I had something bookmarked it on youtube, then I thought maybe I should download some and put it on my ipod... The site I looked at wanted to charge me some amount of money for an mp3 of fuzzy noise! Whaaaaaaat is the world coming to? Anyway, because I am very cheap and also clever, I just started playing static from the detuned radio. Good times.

Felix also loves music in general, so Ross prefers to put on records instead of static. From our sample size of two, we have concluded that all babies like The Band. It's scientifically proven.

More what else! My friend Jerico from Boys Boys Boys is coming to visit tomorrow! She's traveling around Europe with her boyfriend, and they're stopping by to say hello and see the sights. They've got a hire car, so they'll be able to do stuff without Felix and I slowing them down, if they're so inclined.

Oh yeah, it's Henry's birthday this weekend! Three years old, that is outrageous and also awesome. Mum and Vicki were asking him what kind of cake he was going to have, and he answered a round chocolate cake. So much for worrying about making a fancy schmancy exciting cake! We're inviting both of the kids who came last year (so pleasant and easy, because their parents are our friends!), and then there's another kid from leikskoli that Henry really wants to invite. Just mustering up the courage to call his mum and invite them - or do you think it would be okay to message her on facebook? This social awkwardness thing isn't really my favourite aspect of myself.

Okay, time to go, looks like Felix is up again!


Maja said...

Just do whatever you can muster up the courage to do. I'm a big fan of facebook messages myself. Or phone messages. Calling is so hard!

Happy birthday Henry! I can and can't believe he's three.

I have been thinking a lot about sleeping lately as Olivia has been completely off any schedule and having late naps and late nights, but also 9am sleep ins since her birthday. Today she hasn't had a nap and she is playing like an angel, with Maggi at that! I on the other hand am really needing a nap. I've decided to keep her up so she has an early night.

So in light of my complete lack of sleeping discipline, I feel like the people that benefit the most from sleep schedules are the parents. It just seems unnecessary to stress that babies aren't sleeping at the times we want them to sleep? As long as they're getting enough sleep in total it's all good, right?

I think I will have to use the white noise trick when George comes along.

I didn't know Eva was getting married, and in Santorini, how exciting! I spent 8 days on Santorini, it's a pretty great island. Nice place to relax. And also party if you are that way inclined. I do remember that all the clubs on the Greek Islands played the same 30 minute loop of terrible music over and over again the entire night, which is okay if you are completely off your face, but lame if you're not. Maybe they don't do that anymore, I don't think ipods were common at that stage so they must have had to use cds back then (in 2002!).

olga said...

That's a really good point re: sleep schedules. I once read a post somewhere about being against cry-it-out, and it basically came down to - do you think your baby should adapt to your life, or should your life adapt to your baby? And I think as long as you're taking care of yourself too (a sleep deprived parent is nobody's friend), then it's okay for you to work around your baby's schedule. So yeah, I'm with you.