Thursday, June 12, 2014

Snippets and things.

All the high school kids have to do some work over the summer, and some of them are working in the garden next door - I feel a bit sorry for them, it's massively overgrown and all they have is a tiny whipper snipper. It looks pretty comical from out my window.

We've started giving Felix some rice cereal now and again, with varying levels of success (but consistent levels of wild enthusiasm. Eating real food thrills him.) He's also getting better at sitting - instead of folding completely in half, he manages to hold up himself up for a little while at a time.

Henry went to the doctor today for a checkup, and got a bit nervous once we were in there, as usual. I told her that he'd probably be more comfortable if she spoke English, but she seemed to decide that since he understood some Icelandic, she'd rather use that. Oh well, we made it through anyway, and he's a good healthy dude. I will probably have to start getting him to take calcium supplements, because he's still really against drinking milk. Anyone know any sneaky ways to make him drink it?

What else? Mum is in Paris, and I am kind of floundering without her. Okay, maybe not floundering, but I do miss her, and not just because I've gotten used to almost constantly available babysitting. It's going to be pretty hard when she leaves.

Eh, I think that's all for now. I would probably tend to leave this post as a draft until I had proper interesting things to add to it, but then I'll have to go through later and fix all the tenses. Anyway, it is a gloriously beautiful day outside, maybe I should tear myself off the couch and go enjoy it.
If you're going to stay on the internet for a while, you should go read Captain Awkward. Someone I know linked to this post recently, and it is still so great.


Anja said...

There is a ton of non-dairy food that contains a high amount of calcium (for example):
Maybe Henry is already craving some of those foods unconsciously if he is lacking calcium.I understand that he doesnt like drinking milk. About 40 years ago they made students HAVE to drink milk in school, but some people even when younger have a sligth lactose intolerance. I also never really liked drinking milk, but then there is other dary products like icecream and cheese.

Jacqueline said...

Does he like yoghurt? Yoghurt is my niece and nephew's heroin. Just an idea.

Unnur said...

Beautiful post, as always. I love you guys, calcium comes in many forms.

olga said...

Ooh, I will see how many of those things I can get here, Anja. And yeah, Jaqs, he kind of likes yoghurt, sometimes? I found some multivitamins that he luckily doesn't seem to hate, so hopefully they'll tide him over (Although the child proof cap is nigh on impossible to open).

I tried to get him to drink some milk yesterday - gave him a tiny shot glass, and he bartered down to just one sip - and when he took the tiny sip, he dry heaved. O_O I don't think we'll force the milk thing.

Maja said...

What about hot chocolate, does he like that? Otherwise cheese, butter, cream and yoghurt have plenty of calcium. My cousin gave her kids vanilla flavoured toddler milk (ie. formula).

Jason hates milk, too. I started feeling sick when I drank milk from age 11.

Hey Anja, I was really surprised oranges have calcium! I've been craving oranges the last couple of months, that must be why.