Monday, June 9, 2014

Happy birthday Henry (round 3)!

Hey it's you! How's things? We are all doing well, been mostly pottering about today. It's a long weekend because of Whitsunday, yay!

Felix continues to chew on everything in the entire world, but still doesn't show any signs of teeth.  He has been getting a bit frustrated lately with his lack of freedom, I think he'd love to just follow Henry around - that'll be his main incentive for crawling, I think.

Henry had his birthday party yesterday, it was pretty great. There were a few tantrums by both Henry and his friend, but overall everyone had a good time. It was a bit of a shame, Henry was on the verge of a tantrum the whole day, so it probably would have been better if he'd just had a massive cry and then moved on. Oh well.

I made a cake, which as you can see was amazing. I totally cheated and used a mix for the cake, but I made buttercream icing from scratch, so I'm definitely making progress! Lucky for me, digger cakes are supposed to look like dirt, so there's no need for tidy icing work. Yessss... It was also delicious, if I do say so myself.

Henry wasn't quite sure about the happy birthday song, but at least he didn't out-and-out cry. Just looked very wary for a minute there. Then after he'd blown out the candles, his buddy Eddie wanted to have a turn, so we relit them for him. Then we figured his other buddy Hanna Maja should have a go, too, so we lit them again. Then Henry had another turn, because reasons. And then someone finally said stop, and we listened to reason and ate cake. Good times.

Got a photo of all three together. In focus. Monumental.


Anja said...

love love love the photos!especially felix' chubby legs in the last one. The cake (and the idea) is amazing! I am sure it tasted delicious, too. Funny seeing Felix blond now, it went so quick in the end. xx

Unnur said...

This blog is beautiful Olga. Just seeing how the boys have grown and the b party events shared are lovely. Gosh I love you guys. Thank you.

Anna said...

Aw, awesome! I am going to print that last photo out for my wall.

soda said...

aww such a pair of cuties! also awesome cake! x