Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Dinosaurs and early mornings...

Henry is going through a mega dinosaur-loving phase, so I suggested we watch The Land Before Time. Then I immediately regretted my decision, as I had to leave the room so I would stop tearing up during the opening credits. Don't even get me started on what happened when (SPOILER WARNING FOR A 26 YEAR OLD MOVIE, DON'T SAY I'M NOT GOOD TO YOU) Littlefoot's mum died. Seriously, that whole film makes me waaaay too emotional, I was a complete mess the whole time. Henry enjoyed it, though, so I guess it's a win?

What else? Felix keeps waking up at about five in the morning, super chipper and happy about the whole deal. I usually put off getting up with him straight away, so he kind of giggles and rolls around for a while until I give up. I may just have to accept that five is an awesome time to get up for the time being. Maybe I'll do that thing where you take a nap while the baby naps - it's just so difficult to willingly give up the possibility of alone time. I guess it's either that, or an 8pm bedtime. Which is sadder?

Haha, there's an all-male vocal ensemble called Olga, and it looks like every year when they go on tour, they invite everyone called Olga to attend. I just got this year's letter, it is a pretty nice little postcard. The price list reads:
General public 2500kr
Concession 1500kr
Children and Olgas FREE!

Yesterday was the 17th of June, Icelandic Independence Day, so we went into town where they had pony rides and bouncy castles and stuff like that. Henry apparently had a bit of a collision on a bouncy castle, but seemed okay yesterday. Then this morning he said his knee hurt, and I still can't tell if he's faking or not. I don't think he is, it seems like he can't really put weight on it properly, but he can bend it and twist it all around without hurting. And he's been crawling about the place quite happily, so who knows? I'm sure it's nothing, but we're going to the doc's just in case. Luckily Mum's here, so she's going to wrangle Felix while I take Henry to the doctor.

Anyway, it's probably time to start getting ready to go - I hate being late at the doctor's, but that usually just means an even longer wait. Last appointment I had was for 10.40am, and I didn't get in til after 11. Oh well, they've got some pretty good magazines there...


Unnur said...

Hey, you only waited an hour for your appt. And Felix was lovingly wrangelled by a happy amma. Henry's knee seems fine so all is good.

Anna said...

HEY OLGA! Good note on land before time, i don't think i want to watch that ever. I tear up at everything too. Do you remember that time we both cried at the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe?

I like the Olga band. Think you will go?

Maja said...

ALL THE KIDS MOVIES MAKE ME CRY. They are all full of super sad scenes. I thought it would be a good idea to watch Finding Nemo with Olivia, no, all I wanted to do was cry at the start and it was really quite scary!

5am wakeups suck. That's why Olivia's bedtime is so late (9pm) then I get to sleep til 8am. Some kids just do not want to do all the sleeping we want them to do.