Thursday, June 5, 2014

Damn fine coffee!

You guys, we finally finished Twin Peaks - we had started watching it ages ago, and for some reason trailed off in the middle of the second season. Anyway, we stayed up late the other night and watched the last three episodes. I got so weirdly terrified by the last episode, it was bizarre and kind of upsetting. I'm not really into horror movies in general, especially that kind of creepy horror like in the last few scenes.

Anyway, I'm now kind of obsessed with understanding what was supposed to be going on, and I found a site where someone explains all their convoluted theories, which is interesting, but in all likelihood not what was intended in the story. In conclusion, well done David Lynch, that was some scary stuff.

Jerry is staying with us at the moment, although she's heading south today. I feel a bit bad as I have been a pretty uninteresting host, but they've been doing some fun stuff on their own. They went to Grettislaug yesterday and went for a bit of a hike, and I'm going to try to direct them to some interestingness on their way out of town today.

Felix went for his five-month-old checkup yesterday, which went pretty well, considering. He really hates the needles, and seems to carry on for a while afterwards, more than Henry ever did. I can understand the outrage, all of a sudden people who are mostly lovely to you are inflicting random pain - it's tough being a baby. The nurse also recommended an over the counter steroid cream for his eczema, which seems to be made of magic. His skin seemed instantly better, and I feel kinda bad for not getting it sooner.
He had a bit of a fever and general discomfort from the immunizations, took a long time to go to sleep last night, and then woke up at one in the morning and refused to go back down. Poor little sweetheart. We were all a bit rough this morning, although we managed to sleep in until 7.30am. Woo to that! It's funny, Jerry mentioned that she doesn't drink any caffeine, and hasn't for years, and I tried to imagine what it would be like if I stopped... I can't picture it working out well. That said, maybe a detox every now and again would be a good thing.

Anyway anyway anyway, I think I'm going to go get some lunch while the dude is asleep. It is an absolutely glorious day outside, so maybe I'll even go out in the garden for a bit - p.s. remind me to tell you all of my opinions on weeds next time (Spoiler: what are weeds anyway?)


Gil Liane said...

Rough nite! Poor Felix. I think I'd wait a few years before giving up the coffee... Happy birthday to Henry x Even if they're pretty and seem like they should be classed as flowers, weeds seem to be weeds because they overtake everything in the garden. So we kill them. For being super-healthy, hardy over-achievers O_O

olga said...

Yep, I think coffee will be my best buddy for a while yet. Haha, I hadn't thought of weeds as over-achievers, but I guess you're right.
My biology teacher in year... 11 maybe? asked us how to classify things as weeds. And we all jumped in with stuff like: non-native species? (nope, roses are introduced) poisonous? (nope, not necessarily) harmful in some other way? (nuh)
His answer was that a weed is anything that people decide doesn't belong in a certain place. Therefore, if I say the weeds belong there, and I like them, they're no longer weeds. (look at me logic my way out of gardening!)

Although I guess that train of thought does require ignoring the fact that biodiversity is a good and important thing...

Maja said...

I have the same feelings about Magnus's stay. I was the most boring host ever, it's hard when you've got kids because you have to think of them first.

Dr Karl said on triple j on Thursday that the reason people who drink coffee can't function without coffee in the morning is because they are suffering the effects of withdrawal from the night before. I don't know if I believe that completely. I look forward to coffee tasting good again. In the meantime, tea is my friend. I love my first cup in the morning. Coffee in moderation is good for you. No need to give it up. Detoxes are completely unnecessary. Your body is constantly detoxing itself through normal liver and kidney functions. It's called excretion.

I started watching twin peaks years ago but only got a few episodes in. One day I'll watch it. This week I've been watching The Walking Dead. So good. The re-animated corpses are far less terrifying to me now. After 4 seasons!