Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Dinosaurs and early mornings...

Henry is going through a mega dinosaur-loving phase, so I suggested we watch The Land Before Time. Then I immediately regretted my decision, as I had to leave the room so I would stop tearing up during the opening credits. Don't even get me started on what happened when (SPOILER WARNING FOR A 26 YEAR OLD MOVIE, DON'T SAY I'M NOT GOOD TO YOU) Littlefoot's mum died. Seriously, that whole film makes me waaaay too emotional, I was a complete mess the whole time. Henry enjoyed it, though, so I guess it's a win?

What else? Felix keeps waking up at about five in the morning, super chipper and happy about the whole deal. I usually put off getting up with him straight away, so he kind of giggles and rolls around for a while until I give up. I may just have to accept that five is an awesome time to get up for the time being. Maybe I'll do that thing where you take a nap while the baby naps - it's just so difficult to willingly give up the possibility of alone time. I guess it's either that, or an 8pm bedtime. Which is sadder?

Haha, there's an all-male vocal ensemble called Olga, and it looks like every year when they go on tour, they invite everyone called Olga to attend. I just got this year's letter, it is a pretty nice little postcard. The price list reads:
General public 2500kr
Concession 1500kr
Children and Olgas FREE!

Yesterday was the 17th of June, Icelandic Independence Day, so we went into town where they had pony rides and bouncy castles and stuff like that. Henry apparently had a bit of a collision on a bouncy castle, but seemed okay yesterday. Then this morning he said his knee hurt, and I still can't tell if he's faking or not. I don't think he is, it seems like he can't really put weight on it properly, but he can bend it and twist it all around without hurting. And he's been crawling about the place quite happily, so who knows? I'm sure it's nothing, but we're going to the doc's just in case. Luckily Mum's here, so she's going to wrangle Felix while I take Henry to the doctor.

Anyway, it's probably time to start getting ready to go - I hate being late at the doctor's, but that usually just means an even longer wait. Last appointment I had was for 10.40am, and I didn't get in til after 11. Oh well, they've got some pretty good magazines there...

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Snippets and things.

All the high school kids have to do some work over the summer, and some of them are working in the garden next door - I feel a bit sorry for them, it's massively overgrown and all they have is a tiny whipper snipper. It looks pretty comical from out my window.

We've started giving Felix some rice cereal now and again, with varying levels of success (but consistent levels of wild enthusiasm. Eating real food thrills him.) He's also getting better at sitting - instead of folding completely in half, he manages to hold up himself up for a little while at a time.

Henry went to the doctor today for a checkup, and got a bit nervous once we were in there, as usual. I told her that he'd probably be more comfortable if she spoke English, but she seemed to decide that since he understood some Icelandic, she'd rather use that. Oh well, we made it through anyway, and he's a good healthy dude. I will probably have to start getting him to take calcium supplements, because he's still really against drinking milk. Anyone know any sneaky ways to make him drink it?

What else? Mum is in Paris, and I am kind of floundering without her. Okay, maybe not floundering, but I do miss her, and not just because I've gotten used to almost constantly available babysitting. It's going to be pretty hard when she leaves.

Eh, I think that's all for now. I would probably tend to leave this post as a draft until I had proper interesting things to add to it, but then I'll have to go through later and fix all the tenses. Anyway, it is a gloriously beautiful day outside, maybe I should tear myself off the couch and go enjoy it.
If you're going to stay on the internet for a while, you should go read Captain Awkward. Someone I know linked to this post recently, and it is still so great.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Happy birthday Henry (round 3)!

Hey it's you! How's things? We are all doing well, been mostly pottering about today. It's a long weekend because of Whitsunday, yay!

Felix continues to chew on everything in the entire world, but still doesn't show any signs of teeth.  He has been getting a bit frustrated lately with his lack of freedom, I think he'd love to just follow Henry around - that'll be his main incentive for crawling, I think.

Henry had his birthday party yesterday, it was pretty great. There were a few tantrums by both Henry and his friend, but overall everyone had a good time. It was a bit of a shame, Henry was on the verge of a tantrum the whole day, so it probably would have been better if he'd just had a massive cry and then moved on. Oh well.

I made a cake, which as you can see was amazing. I totally cheated and used a mix for the cake, but I made buttercream icing from scratch, so I'm definitely making progress! Lucky for me, digger cakes are supposed to look like dirt, so there's no need for tidy icing work. Yessss... It was also delicious, if I do say so myself.

Henry wasn't quite sure about the happy birthday song, but at least he didn't out-and-out cry. Just looked very wary for a minute there. Then after he'd blown out the candles, his buddy Eddie wanted to have a turn, so we relit them for him. Then we figured his other buddy Hanna Maja should have a go, too, so we lit them again. Then Henry had another turn, because reasons. And then someone finally said stop, and we listened to reason and ate cake. Good times.

Got a photo of all three together. In focus. Monumental.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Damn fine coffee!

You guys, we finally finished Twin Peaks - we had started watching it ages ago, and for some reason trailed off in the middle of the second season. Anyway, we stayed up late the other night and watched the last three episodes. I got so weirdly terrified by the last episode, it was bizarre and kind of upsetting. I'm not really into horror movies in general, especially that kind of creepy horror like in the last few scenes.

Anyway, I'm now kind of obsessed with understanding what was supposed to be going on, and I found a site where someone explains all their convoluted theories, which is interesting, but in all likelihood not what was intended in the story. In conclusion, well done David Lynch, that was some scary stuff.

Jerry is staying with us at the moment, although she's heading south today. I feel a bit bad as I have been a pretty uninteresting host, but they've been doing some fun stuff on their own. They went to Grettislaug yesterday and went for a bit of a hike, and I'm going to try to direct them to some interestingness on their way out of town today.

Felix went for his five-month-old checkup yesterday, which went pretty well, considering. He really hates the needles, and seems to carry on for a while afterwards, more than Henry ever did. I can understand the outrage, all of a sudden people who are mostly lovely to you are inflicting random pain - it's tough being a baby. The nurse also recommended an over the counter steroid cream for his eczema, which seems to be made of magic. His skin seemed instantly better, and I feel kinda bad for not getting it sooner.
He had a bit of a fever and general discomfort from the immunizations, took a long time to go to sleep last night, and then woke up at one in the morning and refused to go back down. Poor little sweetheart. We were all a bit rough this morning, although we managed to sleep in until 7.30am. Woo to that! It's funny, Jerry mentioned that she doesn't drink any caffeine, and hasn't for years, and I tried to imagine what it would be like if I stopped... I can't picture it working out well. That said, maybe a detox every now and again would be a good thing.

Anyway anyway anyway, I think I'm going to go get some lunch while the dude is asleep. It is an absolutely glorious day outside, so maybe I'll even go out in the garden for a bit - p.s. remind me to tell you all of my opinions on weeds next time (Spoiler: what are weeds anyway?)

Monday, June 2, 2014


Yay! Just managed to book our flights to Greece for Eva's wedding in September! Woot and stuff. I'm really hanging out for some sun, so if the summer here is a massive disappointment, at least we should get a bit of warmth in Santorini!

What else? Felix is still doing a bit of not-great sleeping, he seems to want to sleep in 20-40 minute blocks, every two hours or so during the day. Although as I type this he's been asleep outside for the last two and a half hours, so what do I know? Might be time to go poke him. He has a bit of a cold, so I figured he'd sleep worse than usual today... Happy to be proven wrong.

One of the strategies we've been using for getting Felix to sleep is white noise - it's meant to be all soothing for babies, and then it also seems to mask any noise that the rest of us (read: Henry and Nina) make. I had something bookmarked it on youtube, then I thought maybe I should download some and put it on my ipod... The site I looked at wanted to charge me some amount of money for an mp3 of fuzzy noise! Whaaaaaaat is the world coming to? Anyway, because I am very cheap and also clever, I just started playing static from the detuned radio. Good times.

Felix also loves music in general, so Ross prefers to put on records instead of static. From our sample size of two, we have concluded that all babies like The Band. It's scientifically proven.

More what else! My friend Jerico from Boys Boys Boys is coming to visit tomorrow! She's traveling around Europe with her boyfriend, and they're stopping by to say hello and see the sights. They've got a hire car, so they'll be able to do stuff without Felix and I slowing them down, if they're so inclined.

Oh yeah, it's Henry's birthday this weekend! Three years old, that is outrageous and also awesome. Mum and Vicki were asking him what kind of cake he was going to have, and he answered a round chocolate cake. So much for worrying about making a fancy schmancy exciting cake! We're inviting both of the kids who came last year (so pleasant and easy, because their parents are our friends!), and then there's another kid from leikskoli that Henry really wants to invite. Just mustering up the courage to call his mum and invite them - or do you think it would be okay to message her on facebook? This social awkwardness thing isn't really my favourite aspect of myself.

Okay, time to go, looks like Felix is up again!