Monday, May 19, 2014

When you can't find the right words...

So I have been on a hiatus here and wasn't quite sure how to start back up... My husband's brother Domenic passed away at the end of March, so we all took a very short notice trip to Australia. It was quite sudden and unexpected, so we were all pretty rattled and I didn't really have the words to talk about it before. I still don't, really. Dom was a kind, gentle person, and a talented musician. He will be missed by everyone who had the good fortune to know him.

While in Australia, we tried to make the best of the trip and spent some lovely times with family and friends. I might write up some little stories of what we did, but in the meantime here's some photos.

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Gil Liane said...

I am glad you posted, I have been thinking about you guys a lot and wondering how you are. I've been working heaps on a new contract so I've had typers exhaustion, and I wanted to wait till my brain wasn't worn out to type you a proper email. It was lovely to see you all, if I was up the road I would bake you guys a cake! xx