Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Everyday stuff

Henry wanted to hold Felix the other morning, and Ross took some photos:

Best. Dudes.

 Henry had his two and a half year old checkup last week (two weeks before his third birthday, yesssss!) and it went fine. This was the one that the midwife freaked out about - told me that there was no way he'd pass it in Icelandic, and it was impossible to do the test in English, blah blah oh noes! Anyway, turns out the childhood nurse who gave him the test speaks great English, and he did an awesome job. So it's good to have that out of the way.

Random anecdote: Mum gave Henry a stapler the other day, and they stapled together a bunch of plastic and post it notes. Henry brought it home to show me, and said 'Look mum, it's a butterfly. And also, a coat hanger!' He was so pleased with himself.

Felix is getting so grown up! He's nearly five months old, which is an awesome and fun age. He's really interested in everything, but most especially Henry and whatever he is doing at any given time.

He is mostly a pretty chilled out dude, except he has some issues with falling asleep. Like sometimes he'll be sooo tired and cranky, but he can't seem to switch off and let himself rest. Yesterday he cried for actual hours - not metaphorical ones, but two sixty-minute periods. Boo to that. On the plus side, he is guaranteed to sleep when he's in the pram, so at least we head out for fresh air on a regular basis.

Normally I wouldn't post this photo, because ye gods that's a lot of chins... But how could I not?

More flattering one of me, but Felix isn't into it. Oh well, can't win them all.

Okay, whinge over. Felix is rad, and is developing his own personality. He really likes it when we sing for him, although I'm never sure whether he's laughing with me or at me. He's got a few soft toys that play music, and he seems to like cuddling with them more than Henry ever did. He looooves Nina, as do we all. He's supporting his weight on his legs now, so when I try to pull him up to a sitting position, he stands up instead. Then he does a cool little wobbly dance, all hip thrusts and shimmies and smiles. It's the best.

This photo represents a pinnacle of Ross' parenting so far: Henry listening to - and loving - The Band. Yay!

Monday, May 19, 2014

When you can't find the right words...

So I have been on a hiatus here and wasn't quite sure how to start back up... My husband's brother Domenic passed away at the end of March, so we all took a very short notice trip to Australia. It was quite sudden and unexpected, so we were all pretty rattled and I didn't really have the words to talk about it before. I still don't, really. Dom was a kind, gentle person, and a talented musician. He will be missed by everyone who had the good fortune to know him.

While in Australia, we tried to make the best of the trip and spent some lovely times with family and friends. I might write up some little stories of what we did, but in the meantime here's some photos.