Friday, March 28, 2014

Stuff! Things!

Hey there, I have some photos to share with you!

Basically, both of my sons were completely enamoured with Anja (but then, who isn't?), and we had an awesome time with her.

 Um um um, I'm trying to think of specific stories, but I'm having a major blank. Anja's whole trip is just a hazy, sometimes spring-y, sometimes winter-y montage of lovely times. Warmth. Laughter. Fun. Just all those good things, which pretty much form the basis of our relationship. If that isn't nice, I don't know what is.

Obviously one of the winter-y times.

 Ross did a DJ set at the Hard Wok on Saturday while Anja was here, it was a pretty nice night. I think Ross wanted us all to be able to go out and party sometime, and he figured the only way we were going to get to hear music we liked was if he played it! 

Obligatory pre-going out photobooth shot.

Ooh, also a little while before we headed out we spoke to Joe on Skype, and it was awesome. All his stuff seems to be going really well, and it was so nice to catch up on everything! Yay for everything!

Anja left on Monday, she spent one night in Reykjavik and went to Tiger on my recommendation. Seriously, everyone should go there. It's the best. As is Anja. Go to Tiger with her, if you can. Doooooo iiiiiiiit.

Anyway anyway anyway. The rest of the week was a bit quiet and empty, really, at least in terms of newsworthy blog items. Or ones that are mine to share, anyway. So let's have some more photos!

I decided to put Felix in the Moby wrap (P.S. Why do I always forget how good it is? I tried it a little while ago and wasn't thrilled, maybe it just works better for me with a slightly older baby? Maybe I was just having a crappy day? Today when I used it, it was awesome. Remember that, future Olga! Or don't, seeing as this is the last baby you're going to have. Probably.)
Anyway, Henry saw me putting it on and really really wanted to try it, so I gave him one of my scarves, and he put a toy kitty in there and said it was his baby. I asked his baby's name, and he said it was called Kitty. Good imagination there, bub.

So anyway, it was the cutest thing I've ever seen, ever. I died from cute. This is me, writing from beyond the cute grave. It's pretty adorable here. Seriously though, Henry being a big brother is just great. It makes me so happy and I love it. The end.


Gil Liane said...

OMG Henry & Kitty shot= SO CUTE!

olga said...

Is it not the best photo ever? I love it! xx

Anja said...

Awwwww, thanks for this wonderful post!! it was special and fun as always with you guys. Henry looks adoorraaablllle with his kitty baby. uffffff.

Maja said...


northern musings said...

Beautiful post Olga... your sons are the best ever!!!! (as are you and Ross!) love you lots