Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A haircut and novelties

So what's up? Everyone in my house has come down with the flu over the past week or so, and it was not pleasant. Ross even took a week off work, which is so very unusual for him - unfortunately Henry was also home sick, so it wasn't quite as restful as it could have been. I didn't get hit too hard, just had one day of aches and pains, then a lingering cough ever since. And poor Felix was the last to get it, he's mostly just been snuffly and coughing. It's so hard listening to him snort and wheeze, I can't wait until he learns how to blow his nose.

Anyway, enough of listing everyone's symptoms! What else is new? I got a haircut yesterday, it was sorely overdue. My fringe was waaaay too long and I never did manage to 'train' it off to the side properly, so I was getting a sore neck from trying to flick it out of the way. (I wish I was joking. At least after a couple of days of that, I invested in bobby pins.)

In the interest of being less self conscious, let's put up a weird looking selfie! Seriously though, my hair is great, I had forgotten how nice looking and convenient a straight fringe could be. Sometime last week I was trawling through the older parts of my blog and I found this post featuring a previous straight fringe, and lo, it was good. 
On another note, is this what 'bangs' are? I have always wondered, but never googled to find out for sure.

This is what our mornings have looked like lately - Ross goes to work early, then Mum and Dad come around to help me get the dude to school. I used to give Mum a lift to school in exchange for Henry wrangling, but now Dad usually ends up dropping her off first, then coming back for Henry (aka Mr. Dawdley McDawdlepants). And in between, everyone holds Felix for me so I can do 'eating breakfast', 'washing my face', and other nice things.

 Felix continues to cuten up the place, he is basically great. He's two months old now, so he's looking around a lot and smiling at everyone. I can't remember if I wrote it down with Henry, but it's quite fascinating to see what kind of stuff holds their attention. I always feel a bit bad for Felix when he's just hanging out with nothing fun to look at, but he seems just as interested in the couch as he is in the educational baby toys. Plus side of being a baby: mundane stuff is all super novel! Yay babies!


Maja said...

Your hair looks lovely :) Yes, bangs are a fringe. It must be really nice to have your parents around. Felix is super cute :)

I can just imagine Mr Dawdley McDawdlepants. Whenever we are trying to get Olivia out of the house it's like "Come here and put your shoes on, Olivia." *she runs away* So glad we don't have to rug up like you would in Iceland. Takes so much longer to get dressed to leave the house!

olga said...

Ha, I've gotten so into the habit of rugging up, I forget what it's like to not have to... I mostly feel sorry for dagmammas, dressing up SIX one year olds to go outside for a walk. Can't be much fun.