Tuesday, February 18, 2014


My Dad is here! He arrived on Sunday, along with Mum who had gone to meet him in Copenhagen for a bit of a holiday. They took a train to Malmo and had a couple of days of catching up, eating nice food, and shopping.

I'm pretty sure that Dad brought one whole suitcase just filled with stuff for us, including about a kilo and a half of Vegemite, Henry's new wardrobe for the next couple of months, and best of all - a new computer! We've been using Ross' old one since mine died, and it's sooo good to have a fast shiny laptop again - although we only really use it for photos, blogging, and watching Donald Duck on youtube.

Oh yeah, and also Mum bought Henry a shark costume in Sweden:

He wanted to wear it to Leikskoli, but we negotiated down to just the hat. Parenting skillz!

Henry is absolutely in love with Dad - when he arrived, Henry had just woken up from a nap, and he can be pretty hit and miss with how much he wants to see people when he's still half asleep. So I wasn't too sure how he'd go at first, but then he went straight into his granddad's arms and has pretty much been there ever since. There's some serious hero worship going on here.

He also seems to be getting over his 'no photos, please' phase, probably so that he can defend his share of the spotlight from the little guy. Speaking of whom...

His eyes seem to have gone brown already, so that settles that question. I am pretty obsessed with speculating about what he'll look like as he gets older. People mention it in passing, and I have to restrain myself from explaining that Henry also had dark hair when he was born, but he definitely had more hair than Felix, but then it went blonde, but not as blonde as mine was when I was a baby, and Henry's hair is pretty coarse now, so maybe probably it'll go darker as he gets older, too, and blah blah blah forever.
It'll be pretty funny if we end up with one blondey blue eyes and a mini-Ross. Then again, Henry is a pretty good blend of both of us, so Felix will probably be similar. OR WILL HE? (See? Can't stop.)

I feel like there is an emoticon of this face... And if not, there should be.


Felix is now six weeks old, he had a checkup yesterday and they said he's looking good, health-wise (also looking good in general, let's not kid ourselves). We went to playgroup today and I met two other mothers who had had babies on the second and sixth of January, respectively, so we all chatted a bit. They have both already put their names on the waiting list for a dagmamma  (literally 'day mother', privately owned daycare for pre-leikskoli) which is a bit terrifying. I'm not due back at work until January next year, but they said it'll be nigh on impossible to get a spot at that time... Oh well, I'm sure we'll be able to figure something out. I wonder how hard it is to get accreditation as a dagmamma? There's definitely a demand for more of them...

Anyway, I should go, Dad will be home with Henry soon, at which point I will probably have to run away from Henry the shark once or twice (or fifty times). Awesome fun.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sleepy buddies

Sorry the picture is so grainy!

I'm heading to the mothers' group this morning, should be fun. Hope you're having a good day, too!