Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Photo dump!

'Cause gee whiz, it's been a while, hasn't it?

Smiley Henry with helicopter

Christmas tree!

Christmas Ross!

Christmas Henry and Vicki!

And then I've finally got some pictures of Felix, too:     

I was going to caption all the above photos, but they would all have been variations of the word 'squishy'. Ross and I had a conversation the other night that went approximately like this:
Me: Wow, he's just such a great little squishy dude, isn't he?
Ross: Yeah.
Me: I can't believe how... little he is, you know?
Ross: Mmm-hmm.
Me: So... squishy...
Ross: *laughs at me and my foggy brain*

Henry is amazingly adorable with Felix, he just wants to touch him and hold his hand and kiss him all the time. It is the most cute thing I've ever seen, ever. He's adjusting really well, the only downside is that Felix has been waking up for a feed around five-ish, and Henry hears the noise and decides it's time to get up, too. Lucky for us we're both on holiday, but we may have to try to do something about it before Ross goes back to work.

Anyway, Baron von Squishypants seems like he might want a feed, so I'll head off. Will try to be more conscientious about photo taking and uploading

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Maja said...

Felix is adorable. It's awesome that Henry loves him so much. Happy times :) xoxoxo