Tuesday, January 21, 2014

For science!

Today I got a random letter from decode.is, asking if I wanted to provide a DNA sample for their genetics research. You do it all yourself: fill in the disclaimer forms, take a little saliva swab and post it all back to them. And then you get a free t-shirt! The paranoid, 'reads-too-much-sci-fi' part of my brain thinks it's the first step to evil government cloning program, but on the other hand, FREE T SHIRT. Also helping with cancer research and stuff. Yay science? What say you, knowledgeable internet friends? Should I do it or not?

Poor Felix has a bit of a gassy tummy at the moment, so he's been making some grumpy noises now and again.  He's pretty chilled out the rest of the time though, so I feel like we're still winning. Amma came around to see him yesterday, and informed me that every time she's seen him, he's been asleep. He was, of course, asleep when she came around, and didn't even wake up when she shook the bassinet. She did the exact same thing with Henry, although this time she did stop short of actually poking the baby. Nice work, baby, good sleeping.

What else? Henry is supposed to have his two and a half year old developmental checkup (see also: Henry's 10 month old checkup) this week, but I'm not sure if it's going ahead or not. Apparently it's the midwife who does this one, and since she has been coming over to check on Felix, she brought up concerns about how Henry will do on the test. He's not really speaking Icelandic yet, especially not at home. I have a feeling he's using it more at school, because he seems to recognise situations where Icelandic is more appropriate (code-switching, yeah!), but that means that we don't really see firsthand how much he understands...

I'm not at all worried about the developmental stuff - he's supposed to stack some blocks, use past tense and plurals, and walk heel-to-toe, which are all things that I'm pretty confident he can do. It's just the language part of it, as he's supposed to follow instructions given to him in Icelandic, but surely that shouldn't be the focus of the test? I offered to translate, but she still seemed a bit hesitant about the whole thing...

I asked the midwife what happens if he flat-out fails, and she said 'absolutely nothing'. Given that she's seen him playing here at home, she saw that he's doing pretty well in terms of speech and imagination and coordination, so it doesn't look like there are any problems with how he's growing, it's just this Icelandic business. So we'll see, I don't really see the harm in him going and taking the test just to see how it goes. As long as there's no pressure, it might even be fun!

Okay, I need to go and eat something and maybe do some shopping before I go pick up Henry. I really need some meal inspiration, if anyone has any fabulous ideas to share?


Anna said...

Aw, man, do the clone thing! Worst case scenario, it turns out like this:

Okay I guess that is pretty bad.

Maja said...

I say provide the DNA sample. Scientists aren't evil.

Henry's icelandic will improve with more school, though maybe you should speak icelandic as well as english to Henry?

Jason made me home made macdonalds style cheeseburgers tonight http://www.food.com/recipe/copycat-mc-donalds-hamburgers-cheeseburgers-116181?scaleto=3&mode=null&st=true

They were pretty good!

olga said...

Yeah, good call, family, I will do the thing with the science. I'll post a photo of me in my new t-shirt, too!

Maja, yeah, I definitely should help Henry with practising his Icelandic. I wrote a big comment about my feelings on the matter, but it got really long, so I might just make it a post (spoiler! I felt weird about it, but it's probably about 90% down to my crazy hormones!)