Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas '14

Christmas, woo, yeah... We did what has become our 'usual' holiday - dinner at Sigga's on Christmas Eve, and then we made brunch on Christmas Day. Kristinn and Jasmine are here, it is great to catch up a bit!

Thought about cropping out the baby, is that terrible parenting?

Cheetah mask! Also, the hand positioning reads as 'Oh no, what have I done?'
Although maybe that's just me.

The boys show Langamma how fun magnets are.



To be honest I wasn't really that excited about Christmas for me this year, it was all about the dudes. Which I think is as it should be, not that everyone isn't allowed to be excited, but little kids just seem to get so thrilled about the whole thing. They both loved all the presents and kisses and family times, it is really nice to see it through their eyes.

Stripey boys in a box, just because.

Ooh, I have stopped breastfeeding Felix*, which means that I get to eat EVERYTHING IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. And I am. I'm trying not to overdo it, but that's kind of what Christmas is about, isn't it? I have been eating a lot of cheese, but it's more the stuff that had incidental dairy in - salami, gravy, biscuits and chips. Also ice cream. I'm not craving as many sugary things as I did, I think I was trying to compensate for the lack of richness with sugar.

* When I was talking to Ross at some point, I said 'Hey I didn't feed Felix at all today!' because I feel weird overusing the word 'breast', but then it sounds like I didn't give him any food at all - 'he's on a starvation diet, yay, can't trigger eczema with food if you don't get any, woo!' Anyway. Breast.

So Felix's sleep has been a bit wack, the first week was the worst - when he got super itchy at night, I used to feed him to sleep, but now obviously that doesn't work. We're figuring it out, and it is definitely getting better. He just scratches the hell out of his face and head sometimes, I wish we could find the magical 'stop scratching' formula already.

Anyway, I should post this! I'm having weird inferior feelings about everyone else's beautiful holiday photos, so let's stop overthinking it and press post!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Weather, part eleventy-five

Still terrible weather, you guys. Ross and I tried to head to Akureyri on Monday, since the website for the roads said that they were being plowed, and there was no snowfall expected. What we didn't realise was that even if it's not technically snowING, winds of 12m/s + piles of powdery snow around = it may as well be snowing, because your visibility is still utterly crap.

So we drove past Varmahlid (usually about a half hour drive, this time it took about 45 minutes), then as we turned east we just couldn't see anything. I made some half-jokes about it being fine to turn around, then we decided that it would be completely ridiculous getting the car stuck just for the sake of Christmas. Ross did a three point turn in the middle of the road, and then on the way back we neeeeearly drove off the road. Good times.

We did a bit of shopping at the local co-op on the way home, just so the whole day wasn't a waste, but it was pretty disappointing. Not sure if we'll end up getting to the big city before Christmas, but I guess that just means less money spent on stuff... 

This morning the weather was pretty hideous, but we sent Henry to school anyway because it was their Christmas party! I have a funny feeling lots of kids would have stayed home if it had been any other day; the police ended up closing the roads around town at lunchtime, and the primary school cancelled their buses, and stated that they're not sending any kids home unattended. There's a bit of a let up in the wind at the moment, so Ross has gone to pick Henry up early to avoid the worst of it.

With Ross gone and Felix asleep, the house is so dead quiet for the first time in aages. I guess all the snow is muffling any outside sounds, because it's just so peaceful. Also we were just watching some Bob Ross, so I guess that has put me in a pretty zen state of mind.

This photo is from the snow day the other day, it is my favourite.
Okay, it's now nighttime, so I'm just going to post this and do some more later! Maybe there's time for one more Bob Ross episode before bed.

Thursday, December 11, 2014


Hullo! It's day two of a blizzard, so we are all cooped up inside and bouncing off the walls (some more than others, *cough*Henry). Here's hoping the weather lets up by tomorrow.

I'd say this drift is about a metre deep.

What else? I've been meaning to write for ages, just get so bogged down and easily distracted at the moment. So there'll be some bigtime summarizing, I think.


... is 11 months old, and is looking forward to his first Christmas (just kidding, he has no idea what's going on. He likes the tree, though!)
... now has six teeth, walks like a professional, and tries to climb everything.
... makes a huge variety of noises, from shrieks to grunts to groans and yelps. Also he knows that sheep say Baaaa.
... is about seven hundred times happier since he got some new steroid cream and drowse-inducing antihistamines for his eczema. At his 10 month old check up, the doctor was not pleased with how his skin was looking, but she was very impressed with how chipper and playful he was despite his discomfort. Also I put his official 'walking' age as about 10 and a half months, same as Henry. What a dude.

This guy.

... has stayed home for the past two days, and is definitely ready to go back to school, where there is entertainment in the form of other kids. He has this one friend called Aron Logi, and every time I come pick him up, Henry says to me, hey look, this is Aron Logi. And then I talked to Aron Logi the other day, and he was like, hey, I'm Aron Logi. And I was like, yes, you sure are.
... is a super sweetheart when it comes to his little brother. And everything, really. The other day he cried while watching a cartoon about Old Mother Hubbard - it was the dark version where the dog pretends to be dead in one verse, and the whole thing made him tear up. Such a sensitive and sweet boy.
... has started singing Christmas songs in Icelandic, and it is the cutest thing ever.


... had planned to take a week off before Christmas so that he could work on the house a bit, but it turns out that to take paternity leave, he had to have a minimum of two weeks. Oh noes! Two weeks off it is!
... went out today to pick up some flooring for the bathroom, but had to spend about half an hour digging the car out first. He then went to the shops and picked up food for us, Amma and Vicki. Gentleman.
... has not been photographed much recently. I know it made me really sad to go through a phase where there weren't any photos of me, so I will do my best to remedy that situation at some point.


... refuses to talk about herself in the third person. So there.
I've been reading a couple of style blogs lately, and have come to the realisation that I've spent 30 years not knowing which side is my 'good side' for photos. I'm still not sure, maybe they're both excellent? Anyway, in the course of trying to figure out which side is better, I realised that I totally have my Olga Amma's nose. I somehow didn't notice quite how pointy it is in profile. Again: 30 years with this face, and it's like I never actually looked at it properly.

What else? Ross and I are hoping to go to Akureyri one day before Christmas, but if the weather stays like this I doubt we'll make it. It should ease up at some point, surely. Please?

I insisted that we put up the Christmas tree yesterday, since we were all at home. Henry didn't care at all, it was almost comical how much he ignored it. He loves it now, just didn't really mind whether he put the decorations up or not. And this came after I had consciously decided to not worry about whether the tree looked 'good' or 'right', just to enjoy that we all had a fun time. Ha.

Okay, I'm done for now. Wish me a snow-free day tomorrow!

Friday, November 21, 2014


Felix is totally walking! He still falls on his bum a lot of the time, but he's getting way more confident in wobbling about the place. I remember when Henry first walked, we counted the first couple of steps as 'walking' - Felix probably passed that milestone a couple of weeks ago, with no notice or celebration. Ah, second baby syndrome, hopefully it won't scar him for life.

I finally figured out how to take a video of him walking - he's still really into grabbing at the camera, and when I've tried to start filming from a distance, he drops and crawls so he can reach me faster. Webcam saves the day!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Bittersweet dogless days...

Well, it looks like we may have accidentally given away our dog ahead of schedule. I have been looking into how we could ship her over with us, and while totally doable, it's also expensive and full of red tape.

So Ross was talking to a guy at work a week or two ago, and the guy asked how the moving process was coming along. I'd been feeling overwhelmed by the Nina moving, so Ross said not great, then jokingly asked if the guy wanted a dog. And as it turns out, he totally does.

So on Saturday we went round there with Nina so they could meet her, and the guy could surprise his wife with the idea that they could maybe have this dog if they wanted her. And then through a series of misunderstandings, they somehow got the impression that Nina would be staying for a week to see how she fit in with their family. Which was always going to be the plan, we just expected to do it at a later date, but we figured why not give it a try? I think it's been going well - they haven't returned her yet, anyway - so we'll see how they're feeling at the end of the week.

Then Ross and I were discussing it, and if Nina does settle in there over the next few days, it seems a bit cruel and confusing if we then bring her back here, then kick her out again in a few months' time. So we decided that if they're all happy with the situation, she can probably just move over there now.

Life with Nina is totally weird and a bit sad - the first couple of days were bizarre, we kept holding the door open for her when we went outside and waiting for her to bark whenever someone knocked on the door. Henry dropped a bit of toast on the ground yesterday, and absentmindedly called her to come get it. Then he paused, looked at me, looked at the toast and said 'Mummy, you're going to have to sweep that up.'

Haha, on that note, I was a little bit excited to not have to deal with the endless mountains of dog hair, but it's basically just been replaced by stray cheerios and other miscellaneous food. Nina always did a fantastic job of tracking down every single morsel and dealing with it. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

Anyway, even though we're missing Nina, I think we're doing the right thing. The trip would be long and stressful for her, and this family has older kids who are super excited about playing with her and taking her out for walks. Yay for good decisions, boo for how much we're all going to miss her.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Baldy baby, dogs and costumes

We shaved Felix's head the other day, it was and is awesomely entertaining. I ended up giving him a number two, and he looks really cute as a little baldy baby. Both grandmothers were pretty horrified, but I think it's making his neck and head less sweaty and itchy, so it's for the best. Also it feels really fuzzy and nice to pat. It'll grow back soon, anyway!

I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stuff we need to do to move, in particular everything to do with Nina. I need to take my own advice and break it down into small jobs, but at the moment it just feels a bit too hard. Ross and I have been discussing whether we could leave Nina behind - I think if we could find her a good home, that'd be okay, but if it's a choice between putting her down or bringing her with us, we'll be bringing her for sure.

Anyway, the other morning when Henry and I got up, the first thing he said when he got downstairs was 'I want to see my dog.' We found Nina sleeping on the couch, and we patted her and said good morning. Then Henry was like, 'I love Nina so much. I don't want anyone to kill her. I would be so sad.'

My face must have been kind of hilarious. Who even says that? I finally figured out that we watched The Iron Giant recently, and there's a bit where Hogarth is explaining death to the robot, but I didn't realise Henry had taken it in so much. Anyway, the timing of it was pretty funny - if I didn't know any better I'd say that someone had been feeding him lines to make us feel guilty about considering not taking the dog... Probably Nina herself, she's a sly one.

You look like a lego man, with lego hair and lego haaaaaaands...

What else? There's still a volcano belching out smoke in the middle of Iceland, which means that occasionally we get a sulphurous haze over town. The other day everyone in the area got a text message warning that the pollution levels were dangerously high, and that we should stay inside and close all the windows. So now checking the pollution level is a part of my daily routine, fun hey? Not what we expected from Iceland, that's for sure.

Not a homemade costume, just had to share for Henry's cool and completely self-directed posing.

Oh yeah! I made some Halloween costumes for the boys, even though we didn't actually go out and do anything. I think the hand-sewing was a good stand in for when I wanted to feel like I was accomplishing something, but was avoiding actual useful tasks.

Henry was a ninja turtle! God I love costumes based around hoodies, it's the best - way better than actually learning to construct clothes.

The costuming only lasted briefly, he just all of a sudden decided that he wanted it off. This is his 'take off my costume, dammit' face.

 Felix was a skeleton, but I'm not sure if I got a single good photo - they're mostly blurry, and I always end up with a series of photos in which he comes closer and closer and finally grabs for the camera.

Baldy baby - it's part of the costume, okay?

Anyway, gonna leave it there for now. Felix and I are going to go to the mothers' group today, hopefully there'll be heaps of people there! It's always slightly awkward when it's just me and the priest...

Monday, October 27, 2014


What is up?

Winter happened last week, on Monday morning it was sunny and by lunchtime it had started snowing. It's been pretty blizzardy on and off this week, I'm very grateful that I don't have to spend too much time outside unless I choose to. That said, we definitely need to make a snowman at some point.

Ross rescued the neighbours' kitten from the top of a tree the other day - at first they just asked to borrow our ladder, but then after they failed Ross offered to help. He had to climb from the ladder into the tree, and once he reached the kitten, he grabbed it by the scruff of the neck and held on tight. The little boy who owns the kitten saw this, and started shouting 'stop it, you're killing her!', but in Icelandic, so Ross a) didn't understand, and b) was kind of busy anyway trying to get down one handed. It all ended well, so that was good.

Felix has an eye infection (boo hiss), and the constant wiping to clean it is making his eczema flare up big time (BOOOOO! HISSSSSS!) And he's teething. Woo. It feels a little bit like we just can't win at the moment, but this too shall pass.

I've been working on Halloween costumes for the dudes, not that we're doing anything in particular. Henry will be a ninja turtle (Raphael, of course), and Felix will be a skeleton - Gosh I love costumes on babies. Also, just costumes in general. Yay dressing up!
I'm also binge-watching Project Runway while sewing, it's pretty interesting and makes me want to make more things. I might have to invest in a decent sewing machine when we get back to Australia.

What else? Felix is soooo close to walking, he's really confident about just letting go of things and throwing his body weight forward. I feel like Henry didn't walk until he was positive that he could, whereas Felix just kind of wades in and hopes for the best. I wouldn't have thought you'd be able to see personality differences so early, but there you go.

Hmm, can't think of all the million things I was going to say, so it must be photo time!

Henry and I took some photos of each other, and they turned out really nice:

Thursday, October 9, 2014

More excellent conversations with Henry

Okay, so for some backstory, Henry often takes a loooong time to eat his dinner. It's not necessarily that he doesn't like it, he just dawdles and dawdles FOREVER. Fixing that is a work in progress, but we try not to let it become too big a deal.

ANYWAY. Last night, he had eaten about half of his dinner, and we said he could leave the table after six more bites - and he knows that they have to be proper sized bites. He insists that we count the bites on our fingers, so Ross held up five fingers, one by one, for his first five bites. Then for the last one, he tried to half-ass it, and just ate a single piece of spaghetti. Ross said it wasn't big enough to make the last finger go all the way up, so he kind of held his finger half up.

Which was fine for a minute, Henry thought it was kind of funny. So Ross hammed it up, and said look, the finger is sad, he just wants to stand up all the way, he's crying because he wants to stand up like the other fingers, boo hoo.
At which point Henry's face just crumpled, and he started with these heaving sobs - he couldn't even talk, he was crying so hard. When he'd calmed down enough to speak again, he explained that the six was too sad, and it made him sad.

Seriously, that guy is a sweet guy. He managed to calm down eventually, and then ate his last bite with gusto. And there was much rejoicing.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Jokes and costumes!

Henry has started making some pretty hilarious jokes, today he recited this gem:

Little Jack Horner,
Stuck in his thumb,
A poo.

Okay, so obviously he can't quite remember how the rhyme actually goes, but he says it with such a straight face, it's like a weird little free-verse spoken word performance.


So it's October, which means Halloween is coming up! That means that I'll spend three and a half weeks googling awesome costumes, and then do precisely nothing on the 31st. I always feel like such a faker, since Halloween isn't really a tradition in any of the places I call home... But costumes, though! Where's the harm in adopting fun holidays, especially when it involves dressing up your kids?

Anyway, Edda (being from Scotland) loves Halloween and wants to celebrate, so we might do something this year, even if it just ends up being wearing costumes at her house. My current favourite idea is a ninja turtle for Henry, and Felix could maybe be Splinter? Or Ross suggested Krang, that could be kind of amazing. I don't have a yellow jumpsuit, so I won't be 90's era April O'Neil, but the 2003 series that Henry watches on Youtube has a different looking April... Aaaaand I'm overthinking it! Let the process begin!

I went to the Red Cross market yesterday, and bought a massive bag of stuff just for me. I was hoping to find something inspirational and costumey, but I guess a bag of clothes that I will actually wear is a pretty good consolation prize.


What else? Felix nearly has a new tooth, it's just barely poking through up the top. Also he's getting pretty good at standing up and has started letting go of whatever he's holding onto. And Ross saw him climb his first stair the other day... Fun times ahead!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Etceteras and sundries...

Some little bits and pieces about Greece, before I forget completely...

1) Greek people love babies (or maybe just Felix). Everywhere we went, he got smiles and tickles and free waffle cones. Ross got stopped at a supermarket so that some old people could chat for a while - Felix apparently gurgles in Greek.

2) We ate so much incredible food while we were there, but my favourites were the really simple bits, like kebabs and amazing salads. I rarely order salads at restaurants, but because I was trying to avoid dairy it often seemed like the safest option. Which turned out to be a great thing, because Santorini has the BEST tomatoes I've ever tasted. Flavourful and amazing.

3) It was pretty awesome just enjoying the heat. I finally managed to adjust to wearing skirts without leggings, I always feel so naked and indecent for the first couple of times, just because I'm so used to never being barelegged. But yeah, being toasty all the time is pretty nice.


Tragicomedy from dinner the other night: We decided to have tacos, and I checked all the ingredients lists EXCEPT for the seasoning mix. Then after I'd added it to the meat, I realised it contained lactose. Two reactions: Nooooooo! and Whyyyyyyy? So I was probably more disappointed than I should have been, as I seem to lose all sense of emotional resilience when I'm hungry.

Okay, so I decided to cook up some mushrooms and onions with some spices (and no lactose!), and yay, it smelled really awesome! Then Felix woke up, and was super upset to sit in his chair at the table. So I picked him up, and while he was sitting with me, he grabbed my bowl of mushrooms and threw them on the floor... I'm not going to lie, some real tears came out of my face. Ross said I just looked so utterly heartbroken. Hilarious in hindsight, though.


Henry's game this morning was to crush-hug Felix and I, then pretend we were as flat as pancakes. He would then pretend to pour syrup on us, and eat us up. He really is a total sweetheart.

He is also really into taking photos with the webcam. Awesome times.

Felix's eczema seems to be getting a bit better, which is good. For a while there it felt like he was the same, and so it felt really pointless cutting out all that stuff from our diets. I'm still waiting to get an appointment with a nutritionist - I'd really like some clarification on whether a peanut allergy includes other nuts, and whether he (we) should be avoiding other high-allergy foods just in case.

Oh yeah, and if you think I'm obsessing over this food thing, you are totally correct. I've had three dreams in the past week where I eat something chocolatey, then realise that I've messed up and feel really guilty. Then I wake up, and it turns out I don't need to feel guilty at all! They're so vivid that in the latest one, Dream Me even commented on the fact that it wasn't a dream this time - I'm clearly not one of those people who knows when they're dreaming.


Argh, the weather! Today it snowed quite a lot! I mean, I guess it's not really that outrageous, it is late autumn after all. Still, that doesn't stop me from being outraged... Just not ready for winter yet - although I guess it's probably our last one here for a while, so that's a bit of a ray of sunshine.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Allergies, boo!

So we went to Akureyri yesterday so that Felix could get an allergy test, and the verdict is in! No eggs, dairy or peanuts for either of us (at least until he's weaned, and then I shall celebrate with a peanut butter milkshake - is that a thing? It should be.) Prepare for some food related whinging over the next couple of months. Also, hit me with your favourite dairy free desserts, I am mostly craving sweet treats.

Anyway, I'm glad we know what's going on, and hopefully we can help make Felix feel better. It was a bit of an ordeal having to go to Akureyri, but such is life. I've met with this particular paediatrician a few times now, and I always come away feeling kind of crap, like I've disappointed her or something? I think it probably has something to do with her phrasing (and my translation thereof). I mean, yes, his eczema is pretty bad, but when she looked at him she said his skin was 'not good enough', which seems to be a bit of a trigger phrase that just makes me feel terrible.

What else? There's been this weird fog cloud hanging around the fjord lately, I think it's somehow related to the volcano in the south. It's supposedly not toxic or anything, just makes the sky a bit strange sometimes. Henry has a bit of a cough at the moment, and I'm not sure whether it's illness or a bit of a sensitivity to whatever is in the air. Hopefully it'll pass soon.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Photo-filled Santorini post!

Many photos, few words.

The view from our apartment!


Breakfast is hard!




On a boat!

Bride and maid of honor!

Uncle Jesse, Henry and Eva the beautiful bride!



Father of the bride!

Husband and wife!


Henry found a praying mantis at the reception, and it was the highlight of his life so far.

Vicki's sister Kerry took this awesome family photo of us - it's the first one where Henry looks happy! My favourite part is Felix's little finger poking Henry. These dudes are the best.

So yeah, we had a fantastic time! The food was awesome, spending time with family and friends was amazing, and the wedding was absolutely stunningly beautiful. The boys did great with all the traveling and meeting people, and I was so proud of both of them. Of course they each had some minor meltdowns when things got a bit too stressful, but hey, who didn't? I think I'll probably leave it there for now, might do a bit more sharing later.  

Monday, September 1, 2014


Felix had an appointment with a paediatrician from Akureyri the other day - she came to the local hospital though, so that makes life easier. Anyway, she gave me all the normal advice for eczema, plus some stronger steroid cream, and instructions for both of us to cut out dairy completely. I said that I'd been trying to cut down and she kind of laughed and said no, if there's any dairy protein at all in your system, he's getting it. So I have to stop half-assing it, and read ingredients lists for stuff like milk powder. Booo!
It's definitely made me more mindful of what and when I'm eating, and I realised that I tend to nibble on food constantly throughout the day. Must invest in some delicious snacks! I had a mega craving this morning for cheese, so I made hummus which was a pretty acceptable substitute? I think I wanted rich flavoured + proteiny, so it was perfect. Unfortunately I'm not eating nuts, either, or that would be the perfect solution to all my snacking woes.

Oh yeah, but on the plus side, she said Felix was allowed to have wheat, which I'd been avoiding up until now. I gave him a pile of Cheerios, and he fell in love. He doesn't quite have the fine motor skills to pick them up individually, so he just grabs a handful and mashes them into his face with glee.

What else? Not sure if I already told this story, but when I told Henry that he would have to dress up for the wedding, he said he would like to be Spiderman. Not sure how we'll go getting him into formal wear in thirty degree humid heat (also we don't really have proper formal wear, just a button up shirt and some nice pants. Hope that'll do!)

We fly out to Santorini tomorrow! Felix has gotten himself a nice cold to have on the plane, nothing like a sick baby as an excellent travel companion. We've nearly finished packing, just have to sort out a few odds and ends today. I thought that I was being sensibly relaxed about it, but it turns out I was procrastinating. Oops.

Anyway, I think we're all ready to go, and it looks like the volcano is keeping itself busy without interrupting flights. Fingers crossed it stays that way!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Return to Oz...

So dudes, we have made a big decision - we are going to move back to Australia next year!

We always said we'd stay for five years and then look at what we wanted to do, and it turns out that what we want is to go back home for a while. It should probably have been a clue to me that we were still calling it 'home' after so many years. Aaaand now I have that song in my head. I bet you do, too.

It's a pretty hard decision; we're definitely feeling like no matter where we go, we'll be missing someone. Anyway, we've only just decided, so now we're looking at the logistics of it - man I hate logistics. Shipping our gear (how much of it, though?), selling our house, finding a new house, moving the dog (or not?). We do have a whole year to try and sort it out, so I'm trying to think of it in the tiniest possible steps, so it actually feels achievable.

I'm super excited about seeing all our friends and family again, and I think it'll be easier for Henry and Felix socially, too. Amma has made me promise that we'll speak some Icelandic at home to try to keep him somewhat fluent - ah, that old chestnut. We'll see how it goes!

And it's only a week until Santorini, so I should probably do some organising and packing for that soon! I'm hoping the weather is good, the summer here has been pretty hit and miss, and we're all craving some sunshine. It also recently occurred to us that if that volcano erupts, we could be utterly screwed, but we're hoping for the best. If the worst comes to the worst, there's a ferry to Denmark followed by about 30 hours of driving... But it probably won't come to that.

Henry and I were talking about Santorini, and I had explained to him that Aunty Eva was getting married.
H: Yep, we're going because Aunty Eva is getting married from Uncle John!
Me: Haha, no, she's getting married TO Uncle John.
H (wide eyed but kind of excited, mind blown): ... TWO UNCLE JOHNS?!
Love that guy.

Friday, August 22, 2014


Felix has been having a terrible time lately with his teeth and his eczema - and so of course the rest of us have suffered, too. I keep starting to write a blog post, but it's just all whinge, so I give it a miss. But hey, maybe you'd prefer whinge to radio silence? If so, read on!

It's nine o'clock in the morning right now, and Felix has been crying for just about a solid hour. I just managed to get him to sleep in the Ergo carrier, so now I'm doing a standing desk thing at the kitchen hatch.

Haha, I was going to purposely try to do one with a slightly mad expression, turns out I didn't need to attempt a crazy face, that's just what I look like right now.

Anyway, the silence is golden, and I got a doctor's appointment for him today, so hopefully all will be well. I have a sneaking suspicion that he has an ear infection, he really hasn't been able to lie down and sleep lately. And then the more tired he gets, the more he scratches his eczema, and the itchier it gets, and the harder it is for him to sleep. Blah blah whinge, vicious cycle, parenting is hard, etc.

On the plus side, there's this face.

What else? Someone linked to this essay that made me laugh so hard: Hello stranger on the street, could you please tell me how to look after my baby? Especially the rash on his face part, I can just relate so much, and now if we're out in public and someone seems to be judging me, I just turn to Ross and ask 'Is his onesie his face?' Golden.

Henry has been going to the big leikskoli all this week, and he's doing really well. He hasn't cried or anything when I've dropped him off, but that could be because he's so excited about all the new and different toys they have. Also the playground is pretty incredible. I seem to have inadvertently created a longwinded goodbye routine - well, it's not that longwinded, but we have to have a high five, then a fist bump, then a kiss goodbye. I wouldn't mind, but it feels a little bit over the top in front of the teachers. I'm sure they just think it's funny.

It's a bit weird, Henry has been awesome with the new school, and he hasn't said anything bad about it, but he has been a little bit more clingy and tantrumy at home. He started trying to fidget with the mole on my chest today, which he hasn't done in aaages. So there is obviously a little bit of adjustment to be done, I'm just trying to give him lots of cuddles and affection so he feels okay.

Ooh, I got a new second cousin, my lovely honorary big sister Maja had a baby boy! Yay for them! Yay for good news in general.

Okay, I'm going to head off now. Might try to sit down with the dude still in the carrier. Just realised I'll probably have to wake him up to get to the doctors. Yaaaaaaaaaaaay. Hope you guys are having a good day!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Power, teeth and baby's first joke

There was a power outage all over town the other day, and it was hilarious how much I and everyone I know take electricity for granted.

'Darn, I can't vaccuum, and I can't watch anything on the internet, so I guess I'll do the ironing instea- Oh.'

'Hmm, I wonder when the power will come back on, maybe I'll phone the power company. What's their number? I'll look onli- Ah.'

'Boooooooored. Sooooooo booooooooored.'

N.B. I was definitely not the one trying to iron, just in case anyone needed telling.


What else? Felix has a little tooth poking through, but it's just the one at the moment. He's been pretty uncomfortable during the whole process, so I hope the second one comes through soon and we can all have a break from teething while we're in Santorini. On the plus side his skin is somewhat better, but we're still waiting to get an appointment in Akureyri to find out what, if anything, is causing the eczema.


Funny thing from this afternoon: Henry was eating some watermelon, so I gave a piece to Felix as well. He and Nina then proceeded to go all Lady and the Tramp on this bit of watermelon, Nina trying to get one end while Felix was nomming on the other. Funny and gross and probably terrible parenting, although I did take it away from both of them eventually. They were sorely disappointed.


Henry has started getting a feel for what jokes are; his favourite one involves saying 'swimming poo' instead of 'swimming pool'. You can't tell me that's not funny. Also the other day Ross asked him 'Am I right or am I right?' and he replied with 'I'm left.' Not sure if someone else taught him that one, it sounds like pretty advanced punning for a three year old. 


He's moving up to the big leikskoli next week, so instead of being the oldest kid in his class, he'll be one of the little ones again. I think he'll enjoy it, he tends to get quite frustrated with the younger kids who don't quite know how to behave. And he's very vocal when he sees someone doing something wrong - my son the tattletale. 

I think that's probably all for now, although I'll try to put some photos up sometime soon. That'll probably require taking some! Wish me luck.

Thursday, August 7, 2014


What's up? We've just been enjoying the holidays - Henry and Ross have gone swimming heaps, we've caught up with our friends a few times, and spent lots of time just playing at home.

Felix learned a new trick - sticking out his tongue. He spent a solid couple of days crawling around with his tongue hanging out like a puppy. Pretty cute.

Aaaand you can see where he gets it from.

My friend Edda and I went out for dinner at Hotel Varmahlid last Sunday night, and it was awesome! It was the first time in a really long time that I've considered taking a photo of my food, it was such a well presented dinner. Also delicious, I'm definitely going to take Ross sometime. After dinner we went to the bar and had a couple of beers, we were definitely living the wild life! It was great to have a proper catch up, and yet again I demonstrate to myself that introvert doesn't necessarily mean 'hates all human contact ever'.

Felix is crawling like a fiend, just super agile and always so pleased with himself. I vaguely recall being surprised when Henry had just started crawling, because I had assumed that the development goes in stages. Like, you learn to crawl, then you just focus on crawling for a while, then later you start trying to pull yourself up to a standing position. But nope, babies do not do that. Crawling allows you to reach different bits of furniture, which allow you to pull yourself up, now! He keeps discovering new objects to climb on and the first attempt is always a bit wobbly, but once he figures it out, he just pulls himself up like it's no big deal. Clever boy.

We had another doctors' visit for his eczema this week - can't remember if I mentioned it, but one doctor thought it might be something fungal, so we got a different type of cream which didn't really work. The latest doctor said she thought it looked eczema-ish, but she gave us a referral to a pediatrician in Akureyri. It was quite a reassuring visit, she just let me know all the things that might help, and it turns out that we're already doing most of them - regular baths but no soap, moisturizer, cotton clothes and keeping him cool. Also we're avoiding the main types of trigger foods like dairy and eggs, and I'm trying to cut them out as well. Black coffee is fine, but I find myself really craving creamy desserts.

Holidays finish this week, so Ross has to go back to work, boo! Also yay! that Henry goes back to leikskoli, I didn't realise how wonderful it is for him to hang out with all the kids and burn up so much energy. I don't know how people manage without it...

I think that's all for now. See you next time!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sun and green!

I think it is now safe to say that the little man has figured out how to crawl - he still flops down on his belly every now and again, but there's more crawling than falling.
He's such a beefy little guy, it makes me laugh regularly. He'll just be hanging out, doing his thing, and all of a sudden I notice how pleasantly large and solid he is, and it makes me happy. Gorgeous boy.

Grass is serious business.

His eczema has been kind of terrible and I think he's teething as well, so we've had a few sleepless nights lately. Because Ross is on holiday, we've had alternating sleep ins, but I still feel so tired. Some cousins came for a visit last night at around 9.30pm, and Ross had to tell them that the rest of us were all in bed! Embarassing? Maybe just a little.

Ooh, we went up to Litli Skogur the other day - it's a mini forest behind the school, and there's a nice little path running alongside a river. It has been pouring with rain almost every day of the holidays, so we took advantage of a rare sunny day and went for a walk.

Felix rode on my back in the Ergo and seemed to really enjoy it. I always feel a bit uneasy not being able to see what he's doing, so back-carrying is a team effort for now. Also it's terrifying trying to get him into the carrier and onto my back by myself, but I guess it's just a matter of practice.

Darling boys

We attempted to take a whole family photo...

... which was followed by Henry's mad dash away from the camera.

Anyway, it was a lovely afternoon, and we'll definitely try to go again. Maybe we'll let Nina come next time, too.

What else? We went to Akureyri last week and did a bit of shopping. Ross bought some clothes to wear to Eva's wedding, and I bought some dye to colour my wedding dress!

By wedding dress, I mean the one I wore when I got married, which I may also wear to Eva's wedding. It's super comfy and light, but I would feel weird wearing white so I dyed it navy blue. It worked really well on the fabric, but there are rows of stitching on the front that are obviously made from something that doesn't like dye. I'll give it an iron and see how it looks, but I'm not too fussed if it doesn't work for the wedding. I feel like I have a million fancy dresses that I never wear.

Also, I've started looking at hair tutorials - what is happening to me? I guess I am just excited and looking forward to it! Dressing up and dancing and family and the beach! I can't wait.