Saturday, December 21, 2013

Trees, art and snow

Wow, three weeks left and counting! Not sure if it'll fly by because of the Christmas holidays, or draaaag out for the same reason... Oh well, we'll see. Ross is finished work for the time being, he goes back on the 2nd of January, then hopefully only has to work a little while before starting paternity leave.

We put up our tree last weekend - it's not the Icelandic way, but we take advantage of being foreigners when it suits us. According to the Icelanders, you can put up lights in early December, but the tree is supposed to wait until the 23rd. Then, of course, all the decorations have to come down by the 6th of January, so I feel like it's a pretty short time to enjoy lights and prettiness in your house.

Last Sunday we went to an exhibition by Donna Maree Robinson, who is an Australian artist currently staying at Nes in Skagastrond. Vicki works for them as a go-between, organising exhibitions and workshops and stuff, so we figured we'd go and have a look. I went to the last exhibition on my own, and it was just a gallery type deal, pictures on the walls and people chatting and so on.

So when we went, we just waltzed into the foyer and started taking off our cold-weather gear, chatting merrily away, listening to Henry ramble about whatever he was rambling about... Then I poked my head around the corner to have a peek inside, and it turned out that it was an installation type thing - everyone was sitting down on the ground in complete silence, watching a projection of skies on a mountain while listening to this atmospheric music (pretty sure it was Sigur Ros).

I was pretty mortified at the time, but Ross later convinced me that it was quite funny, really. We also had a bit of a chat with the artist afterwards and I apologised, but she seemed to think it was a bit funny, too. So that was all okay, and I quite liked her work, so it was good that we went.

We had some blizzards this week, so I ended up just keeping Henry home with me yesterday. Our road  is never really a top priority for plowing, and the snow just builds up in drifts at both ends of the street. Add that to the fact that if the car does get bogged, my only real option is to sit and wait for someone to help me, and it just doesn't seem worth the hassle.

I think that is probably it for now, I may or may not investigate a way to post photos from this computer at some point...

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Maja said...

Wow, there you go. I didn't know the tree wasn't supposed to go up until the 23rd in Iceland. That's way too late in my books!

So funny about the exhibition :)