Thursday, December 5, 2013

Overheard conversation...

... between Ross and Henry, because I don't get out much.

Ross: (something I didn't catch)... That's yuck!
Henry: Ohhh, Daddy's yuck!
R: No no, I'm not yuck. Perla licked me, that's a bit yuck.
H: Oh, yuck, Perla. (pause) I'll lick Perla? Come on Perla! I'll lick Perla!
R: Noooooooooo!

Clearly my son does not always catch the main point in the conversation. Perla is Vicki's dog, by the way, we're looking after her while Vicki takes a short holiday to Australia! Nina and Perla get along really well, so they seem quite happy to have each others' company.

I talked to my boss lady today, and she agreed that I should definitely stop working if I wanted to. Next week is a bit busy still, so I'm going to work half days until Thursday, then stop altogether. Oooh, that means this time next week I will be off work for the next year! Yaaaaaaay! I got the letter today confirming my maternity leave pay, so that's almost all sorted, too. Feels good.

What else? Oh yeah, in all my whinging last night, I managed to leave out the fact that I currently have a pretty bad cold/flu thing going on. Which sucks. I never did end up getting that flu shot, although the decision was purely down to me forgetting to make an appointment, as opposed to any moral stances. If I have a stance, it's definitely pro-vaccination, but alas, laziness wins another round.

Um um um, I feel like there was another little anecdote I wanted to share, but now I can't remember what that could possibly be... Oh well, time to hit post, then!

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Maja said...

Flu is when you ache all over and are really sick for a short period. Colds last longer, may or may not have the body aches but not as bad as flu. I think you probably just have a bad cold, in which case the flu shot would not have protected you anyway.

Yay for maternity leave pay!