Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Welp, on Sunday night I managed to sprain something in my back from coughing too hard - I have previously done something similar to my ribs, but this time I felt something go 'pop' in my back, and then it hurt a lot. Rad.
And then it turned out that the only painkillers we had in the house were Ibuprofen (Nurofen in Aus, can't remember what the active ingredient guy is called), which is of course not okay for super pregnant ladies. Boo!

I stayed home from work yesterday, and called the midwife just to check what I could take for pain and suppressing the cough, and she said I should go see a doctor who could prescribe Parkodin - paracetamol and codiene, who knew that was going to be okay during pregnancy? So yeah, that does both the painkillery job and the cough-suppression thing, DOUBLE WIN!
I tend to avoid taking drugs while I'm pregnant, which is okay for me as I don't suffer from headaches, etc. very often, but golly gee whiz it is excellent that they are available to me when necessary.

I made Ross stay home with me to get Henry to school, and then he spent the rest of the day waiting on me hand and foot. It was pretty great, I did nothing except relaxing and eating and drinking all day. I think it was probably good for Ross to get a sort-of day off, he had a pretty busy weekend of looking after me and Henry and the house and the dogs, plus he made sausages all by himself.

What else? Oh yeah, yesterday was supposed to be my last full day at work, so I managed to skip that entirely - woo! I'm just working today, tomorrow and Thursday from eleven til three, so that is very doable. I'm not even really doing much while I'm there, which makes me feel a little bit bad, but I guess it's worth it to have the extra person around for moral support and supervising and helping out a little where possible.

Anyway, that's probably enough of the whinging for now, I will be sure to update you if I manage to hurt myself again! For now I may just attempt to do something productive before work...


Vicki said...

Good to know that you are finishing up this week, the next month will just fly by, so put your feet up and make the most of it.

Anja said...

oh hey! i am glad you feel better. i had no idea you could take paracetamol during pregancy. what a winner! take care and stay healthy during winter. both/three of you xxx

KH said...

Oh shit, that sounds rubbish.

Anyhow, glad the painkillers help. It's a good consolation for being in pain that they can give you the good codeine; if you're not able to do anything else, and you've got enough going on in your life you don't make a habit of it, it's a pretty good way to kill some time.

Maja said...

Ouchawawa! Glad you could take some painkillers for the pain. Did you get it checked out by a physio as well?

Take care xoxo