Sunday, December 29, 2013


So today is my last day of not yet being thirty... Weird, but not really weird, because of course thirty comes after twenty nine, right? So I definitely should have seen it coming.

Anyway, I am feeling okay about being thirty - the upside to being completely unambitious is that you don't feel disappointed in yourself for not achieving whatever lofty goals you 'should have' completed by now. I am really incredibly content with what I have: my nice little house with my lovely husband, best little boy, and oafish dog, plus the new baby arriving really soon! (Like, two weeks soon - yikes!) It doesn't take much to make me happy, for which I am grateful.

On that note, we had a lovely and quiet Christmas, just had some delicious meals with the family. The weather was pretty terrible, they had forecast a massive blizzard, but it was mostly just windy. Still yuck, though. Henry got really spoilt by everyone and had a great time, so it was pretty fantastic. The only thing missing is photos, but Henry's been really anti-camera lately, I'm having difficulties uploading photos to Ross' computer, and I'm also feeling pretty un-photogenic these days. (I wore a dress with stars on it to Christmas eve dinner, which was pretty appropriate, as I am approximately the size of a planet right now ;))

Pretty sure that my birthday tomorrow will be similarly low key, I bought a bunch of stuff to make ice cream sundaes and I'm getting Ross to make something delicious for dinner, probably a couple of curries.We'll eat and hang out and go to bed early, yay for partying!

What else? Ross and I have been watching River Cottage, it's a British show about this chef who buys a farm and basically lives off the land, growing and cooking and eating and fishing and bartering. It's pretty inspiring, so much so that Ross has actually baked a few loaves of bread, whereas I'm still in the 'inspired, but not enough to do anything about it' category. I do have all next year off, though, so maybe I'll do some gardening once the weather gets nicer.
The hilarious part is that Henry really loves watching it, too. Usually he's not into whatever we're watching, and demands to watch kids' shows, but he seriously seems to enjoy River Cottage. At first I thought it was just the animals, but even during the cooking bits, or butchering or gardening or whatever, he's hooked. He's a great dude.

Aaaaaand that's probably all for now. When I next post, I'll be a thirty year old grown up type person, whooooo!

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Maja said...

I reckon that once you have kids you realise all the lofty goals you might have made don't really matter as much, as long as you've got your family.

We have a breadmaker and I use that all the time to make bread now. Though I buy the ready made packets to put in it. Crusty white, every time. My friend also pointed out that there is a jam setting on the breadmaker, so you can make your own jam. Don't have an excess of fruit for that at the moment though.

Happy birthday lovey xoxox