Saturday, November 23, 2013

Baby talk

Whoa, what is this posting thing that is happening right now? Don't be alarmed, it'll probably just be a blip in our regularly scheduled lack of programming.

So, what's new? I am now 33 weeks pregnant, and finally managed to send off my maternity leave paperwork on Thursday. I swear, I had it printed a while ago, and then we just faffed around trying to get our various work people to sign it all. Which is kind of the story of my life at the moment, I feel like there's heaps of stuff I want to get done, but then as soon as I have some free time, I either a) cannot find the energy or b) cannot remember anything that needs doing.

Energy wise, I am pretty wiped a lot of the time, so I've embraced a philosophy of being really easy on myself. Is there a pile of dishes next to the sink*? If I decide to do something about it, I do as many dishes as I feel like, then I stop. Quite often I end up finishing them, but it somehow makes me feel better to know I don't have to finish them if I don't want to.

* Fun fact: a pile of dirty dishes IN the sink makes me feel kind of anxious and stressed out. It looks like it needs to be done now - I can't use the sink properly until I wash them, and then when I do wash them, I still have to pull them all out of the sink first in order to have clean water to wash up in. If they're next to the sink, then I can arrange them neatly, group all the stuff together in preparation for washing. Then if when I don't get to them straight away, at least I can still get to the sink in the meantime.

Haha, is 'messy, but with a set of rules governing the mess' better or worse than just messy?

What else? Henry is talking heaps, and says lots and lots of ridiculous and funny things that I should definitely be writing down. Or videotaping, I guess, but that never seems to work out as planned. His Icelandic is still a work in progress - he seems to understand quite a bit, but he doesn't really try to speak much... I'm not fussed though, I feel like his English is great for his age, so he's got the skills to learn, the rest of it will come with time.

Oooh, we have a baby name! As always, acceptable reactions include 'Nice!' and 'Cool', and 'Good for you!' (that last one is appropriate if you hate the name.)
Unacceptable reactions include: 'oh, I knew a (name) once, and he used to kick puppies for fun' and 'haha, he will get made fun of in this particular way: (insert comment making fun of my future kid)' and 'Ew. Gross, I hate it, why didn't you name him something I approve of?'

Okay, rant done. New baby will be called Felix Domenic Di Blasio. Yay!

Hmm, I think that's probably all for now. Oh yeah, Henry spilled water on my laptop, so it's gone to be fixed/ pronounced dead forever. I would consider using that as an excuse for not posting, but you all know that would be a lie. I will, however, use it as a reason for not posting photos. Maybe one day you'll see photos of us again!


Anna said...

Good name choice! Can't wait to meet him.

And mess with rules is completely acceptable. Entropy always wins in the end.

Anja said...

Hey! So good to read from you again!!! I have found myself checking your blog frequently to see whats up. But of course I was also lazy enough to not go on skype. Felix Domenic Di Blasio is a wonderful name! Oh and if I really do not like something, it is piled up dishes in the sink, because of all the unhandy things you pointed out, also in this way, glasses and bowls brake so much easier while you try and fish them out.
I should really get on skype more often! It seems ages since we last spoke. Lots of hugs to you three and a half! xx

Maja said...

Felix! That is the coolest name ever. Love it! Domenic is also cool, but especially love Felix.

What an awesome approach to lame chores! I am kind of anal retentive about tidiness, and often won't do something at all unless I can do it properly, but your approach sounds like a much better idea, especially with fatigue.

Because I obsessively carry my phone around with me all the time I just write what Olivia is saying and doing into my notes on the phone, though often I forget. iPhone is also good for taking videos.

I'm sure Henry's icelandic will get really good once he's 5 or so, and actually playing with kids instead of parallel playing.

Olivia has started saying new words all the time, it's so much fun when your kid starts talking to you.

I can't believe you're 33 weeks already, but then it's nearly christmas, isn't it.