Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Whoa, October!

Hey hey, do you know what time it is? It's time to commit to posting every day for all of October! Woo! The best part is where if I fail, I'm blaming it on the fact that I'm six months pregnant and have a toddler, and why are you being so harsh about it anyway, you big old meanie? Everybody wins.

So what is up? We had a 'surprise day' at work yesterday - basically every Monday there's a group activity, which can be a video, or a visit from the Red Cross dogs, or whatever. The fifth Monday of the month (when there is one) is a surprise, so everyone helped make pizzas for some employees who left without having leaving parties. It was pretty full on, lots of organising and planning, and because I was in the kitchen I somehow ended up overseeing it. Plus it was my pizza base recipe, so PRESSURE.
It is almost funny, Henry woke me up at 4.30 yesterday morning (but then went straight back to bed, thank goodness!), and I could not get back to sleep for fretting about these silly old pizzas. I sort of managed to remind myself that in a years' time (heck, even a weeks' time!), no one is going to remember or care about how well it went, but I still did a bit more worrying anyway. Is this a pregnant thing, or an Olga thing? Maybe it's a pregnant Olga thing?

Anyway, it went great, so worrying proves to be a completely pointless hobby, yet again.

Baby stuff is going well, I'm still tired but otherwise feeling pretty good. So grateful that I haven't ever suffered from morning sickness, that just seems like the worst thing ever. I'm taking it easy at work, everyone is super understanding and nice. Ross and I have been brainstorming names, but we haven't quite settled on anything yet. We started out really prioritising the internationality aspect - the name has to work here and in Australia - but lately we've been less fussed about whether Icelanders think it's a proper name. They are all pretty much citizens of the world, so even if it doesn't exist here, I'm sure they can learn something new and get over it.


Haha, okay, here's a possible indicator of how this month will go - I wrote the draft of the above yesterday, and was going to just schedule it to post today. Then I realised my time zone on my blog is set wrong, so I figured I'd just leave it, and post it myself sometime today. It is now 8:39pm, and I JUST remembered that I was going to post! So, let's not get our hopes up for the rest of October.

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Maja said...

It's totally Olga of you to worry, but maybe the pizza thing went well because you did worry. Maybe.