Saturday, October 5, 2013

Well, that was short lived...

... But I guess I could keep trying for at least a passing grade?

I realised on Thursday night, as soon as I got into bed, that I had forgotten to post. I then tried to get a blogger app on my iPod, and made a halfhearted attempt to type a post, but, you know... Meh. Never mind, I'm sure I'll tell you lots of sweet (and not so sweet) nothings over the course of October anyway.

I had a bit of a pregnant-lady-hormone-fuelled meltdown yesterday, because I basically felt like Henry was failing at potty training on purpose. WHAT A JERK! (Spoiler: I'm 90% sure he's not doing it on purpose, but he has regressed a bit and doesn't really seem to care whether he pees his pants or not. Boo. BOO, I say. My rational brain/ reasonable husband reminds me that he'll figure it out eventually.)

What else? Ross and I will be in Prague NEXT WEEK! I am glad we're going, we sort of had some second thoughts about spending a holiday with everyone at Ross' work, but a) hanging out and doing touristy stuff together isn't mandatory, and b) it'll be so lovely to have a last getaway before the new baby arrives. I am so excited about flying sans toddler, and while I'm at it, I'm also excited about sleeping in, eating at restaurants and shopping. I'm sure we'll both miss him, but I'm definitely excited about independence.

We I spent a lot of time today looking at baby name websites. We have a good shortlist for first names, and one in particular that we quite like, but we're trying to find a middle name to go with it. Baby name websites are funny - we found one that lets you input both the mother and father's names, and it somehow came up with a list of 'names' that somehow 'blended' the two.
My scare quotes will now make sense, 'cause here's a list of suggestions:
Hillock (?)
And my personal favourite, Ransom.

Spectacularly bad. We tried the middle name generator on that page, and the results just looked like a random name generator, but the name-blendy-majig just seemed like it generated completely random words and letters. Thanks, internets.

My favourite baby name websites (in case you're naming babies, pets or fictional characters anytime soon) are and The first one just has a nice interface for 'if you like these, then you might like these', and the second one is really interesting and in depth with all the history and etymology and all that complicated stuffs.

Anyway dudes, will try to keep up to date, especially while we're away! But no promises...


Maja said...

I totally hear you about independence. Big time! Enjoy it xx

northern musings said...

How did I miss this!!! One of these days I will blog again...
Amazing that we live next door to each other and I don't know half of this stuff - so am glad that you are blogging again! Prague will be great and your mum will so enjoy the Henry time. As for baby names.... have you checked the baby name register - just in case - remember it needs to have the appropriate declinations....

olga said...

Haha Sigga, I think we're allowed to get away with it either way, seeing as we're foreigners (*ahem*), but I did check and it's there :)


Anna said...

Dangit I am trying to find that website that gives you the kids names but also has potential drawbacks, like what other kids might call them on the playground, which was GENIUS.

Also, "Wolfcot Di Blasio" is now the funniest damn name I have ever heard. Sounds like a shitty love interest in a crappy romance novel. DREAM BIG, WOLFCOT. DREAM BIG.