Sunday, October 20, 2013

Prague in words, not photos...

Ooh, shall I tell you about our trip, now that I have enough energy to do so?

So, Prague is a pretty lovely city. Ross and I agreed that it kind of felt a bit Melbourne-y, if only for the trams and interestingly dressed people. Of course, once we'd made that connection, the whole trip kind of reminded me of days off while touring* - staying in a hotel, eating in different restaurants all the time, wandering around and hoping to stumble across cool music stores or antique shops or whatever. Ah, nostalgia.

* Yeah, it was exactly like that, except that we're no longer in our early twenties, we didn't speak the language (most people spoke English, but I felt rude for making them do it) and I was nearly seven months pregnant and could walk only a set number of steps per day before my hips stopped working. Aside from that? Just the same.

We ate some pretty great food, and I managed to tick some meals off the list of things I'd been craving. We had a pretty great curry (Ross pointed out that it wasn't as good as a Brick Lane one, but it was still better than anything I've ever made!), went to a nice Italian place, some pan-Asian type place, and we even invited some of the Icelanders to come to a Mexican restaurant with us.
That last one was a bit funny, because I'd found it on the internet, and all the reviews said it was good, but it was totally empty when we got there. And I, of course, felt like I had made everyone go there, so it was massively important that everything was good. I enjoyed it, anyway.

We didn't really do much touristy stuff, went to a cool jazz club one night, and then saw the castle and some churches and things like that. I think I have to be in a specific frame of mind to do museums or tours, and I wasn't really feeling it this time around. It was nice to just... not bother, and have a relaxing time together instead.

It was weird but nice but a little bit sad to be without Henry, although we skyped with him just about every day. The first morning we called, he said hi to us both then introduced us to 'his friend, Amma'. It was sweet and hilarious. Anyway, he had a lovely time with both his grandmas, so that is a relief. He had been really really tantrummy the week before we left, so I must admit I was a tiny bit worried - not that my mum couldn't handle it, just that I felt bad for leaving her with a little monster for the week. But he did okay, although I think Mum was a bit knackered afterwards.

The bummer of the trip was that we arrived home late on Monday night, so we still had to work almost a full week - in Ross' case, he had to work yesterday as well, so it was actually a normal working week. Complete with a bunch of overtime! Nice planning, boss-type people!

It's okay, really, but I definitely felt like we needed a weekend by the time it came around. You know, when you're just about to get a break, but for that last little stretch you feel like you've been worn down to a tiny stub of pencil that barely writes? We were both at the end of our energy supplies, and it sucked.

Luckily I got to have a pretty restful weekend. Henry and I got up early on Saturday, but then he was quite happy to hang around inside and just chill with me nearly all day - I didn't even change out of my pyjamas until Ross came home at 2pm. Then today Ross let me sleep in, and we had another pretty lazy day, punctuated by some light cleaning (on my part), and hardcore cleaning (on Ross'). Just what I needed!

Anyway lovelies, it's time for bed if you're the same type of person I am (a sleepy one), so I'll say bye for now. Maybe I'll do some maths and see if I can still get 50% on this 'posting in October' business... Or maybe I won't.

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Maja said...

I hear ya about the limited number of steps you can do while preggers, though for me it was sore feet. I had to wear crocs all the time because my feet hurt so much.

Great that Henry was okay about it all.

Continue with the good resty times!