Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Midwives, vaccines and all the admirable qualities of firemen...

Hmm, I felt like I had some really interesting things to tell you about, but now I can't think of any of them.

Oh yeah, I had a midwife appointment yesterday, and all was well. Everything seems to be on track and as it should be. It's almost funny how little I'm paying attention - I know, I know, it's such a cliche, but I actually had no idea how far along I was until she calculated it yesterday (26 and a half weeks, for anyone playing along at home).

Anyway, I asked about a flu shot, because they were advertised in the weekly paper* as being a) recommended and b) free for pregnant women. I had been slack about going to get it, for a bunch of reasons, but mostly just laziness. Plus I have to take time off work to go, and I feel like I've been asking for a lot of time off lately.

 * Okay, it's the tv guide, but that sounds super weird... Because it is super weird? Weirder still is how excited I am to read the new one every Thursday. "Oooh, butter is on special at KS this week! OOOH, there's a Red Cross market on!! YAYYYY!"

So I asked her what her opinion was regarding the flu shot, and she said that it was advised by the national health whatever, but that she didn't think it was necessary. She mentioned that she wouldn't get it herself, because if you're basically healthy, and unless lots of people around you get it, there shouldn't really be too much increased risk of getting the flu. And you always compare that to the side effects of getting the shot, which can sometimes be a bit uncomfortable and bad. And of course there's never any proper medical trials done on pregnant women, because who the hell is going to volunteer for that?

I was kind of nodding my head and going 'yeah, I guess that sounds reasonable, I'll probably be fine without it...' And then she went on to explain that she never gets any vaccinations, and she NEVER VACCINATED HER KIDS, EITHER. AGAINST ANYTHING. BECAUSE IF THEY'RE BASICALLY HEALTHY, THEN WHY WOULD YOU PUT VIRUSES INTO THEM. ARGLE BLARGH.

So yeah, there goes that well reasoned argument against flu shots. She did say that she'd be happy to give me one later if I decide to do that, so at least she's not imposing her opinions on everyone else's lives.

What else? Ah yes, dinner tonight reminded me: Henry is really into fire engines at the moment. Mum just gave him a duplo engine that comes with a hose and a flashing siren and everything - he LOVES it.
 Anyway, one of our near-daily hurdles is that Henry doesn't want to get dressed, so I pointed out to him that firemen always get dressed really quickly. It was pretty effective, so now these legendary firemen have been imbued with a range of good qualities, including not spitting out their drinks at the dinner table, telling everyone when they have to do wees, and eating all their breakfast. My favourite one has become Henry's favourite saying: Be patient like a fireman. I think there's something in that for all of us.

Okay, I have to head to a parents' meeting at the leikskoli - it will supposedly run from 8 til 10, but I have no idea if I'll be able to stay up that late. I have been in bed by 9.30 pretty much every night since forever.


Gil Liane said...

So funny, my friend used the princess option with her daughter. "Princesses don't throw tantrums," "Princesses love vegetables" etc... you're right, it works like a charm!

Maja said...

Man I can't wait until I can reason with Olivia. She likes to walk away when I am trying to dress her, although sometimes she will just sit there and helpfully put her arms in sleeves and hold her feet out.

I hear you about 9.30 bedtimes. Olivia has been in bed since before 8.30 and i feel dumb sitting up thinking about filing paperwork but not actually doing it. It's 10.10pm! So tired.

Anna said...

Holy cow, that doctor! What an effing loon. Also, solid work firemen!

soda said...

"Be patient like a fireman" is so good!

Anja said...

Oh that is so cool that Henry is into fire engines now. I have to tell my Dad! He will be thrilled. Also, it made me laugh so much the way you use his current obsession for teaching him good behaviour skills. You are so clever! I miss you guys and hope you have a great time in Prague. xxx