Friday, August 30, 2013

Which one?

Whoops, sorry it's been a few days - they have been pretty weird and surreal days, so I haven't managed to write a proper post.

But life is short and who knows when I'll finally get around to posting properly... Fanfare is for suckers, and we're having another boy! Ross and I must be getting better at deciphering ultrasounds, as we both spotted it before the doctor told us. He took a whole bunch of photos, so I'll put some up if I ever figure out how. The stills never do the ultrasounds justice, it is the weirdest and most awesome thing to see inside your guts. The future is rad.

We are pretty pleased, I honestly felt like I didn't mind either way. I also didn't really have any idea of what I thought we were having, although I did mention to Ross the day before that I thought maybe it could be a boy (Which isn't really a revelation or intuition, it's just stating the obvious. Duh, it could always have been a boy.)

We now need to do some serious name-storming (see what I did there?), suggestions are welcome, as always, in the comments. Unless you suggest something as a joke, and then we secretly love it, in which case I'll get all embarassed and delete my blog and never talk to you again. But no pressure or anything.

Henry has accepted the phrase 'baby brother' into his vocabulary, so we're that much closer to a life of limitless harmony and a complete lack of sibling rivalry. Haha. I'll get back to you in a years' time on that one.

Anyway, the rest of the world is a bit too hard at the moment, so I'll just leave it at that. Love to each and every one of you.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations lovely!
Since we're having a girl, I'll reveal what our boys list was..
Henry (though that would be confusing, now wouldn't it?)

of course, Luke is also an excellent name, hehehe. And since we were probably going to steal your first born's name, you're welcome to ours, haha xx

Anja said...

oh, i loved that you saw it before the doctor did. alright, for names, on the top of my head:
Lucas, Marvin, Oskar, Julian. Oh man, it is so hard...anyway, buckets of love to you three! x

Gil Liane said...

I guessed right! Woohoo :) I don't have any name suggestions. I've heard that sometimes you pick a name, then look at the baby, and know that he has an entirely different name!
My mum was calling me Emma, and apparently my dad held me and said, "Oh, no, she's a Gillian." My mum was all, what?! Is that even a real name?? And for the first six months she used to have to recall the tv show Gilligan's Island, just to remember my name- seriously!
The funny thing is, all through my life, I have never gotten along with girls called Emma, and I only heard this story in my twenties after I made a chance comment to my mum about people named Emma.
I am so grateful to my dad for recognising I was actually a Gillian! :)

geezer squeezer! said...

Before we found out we were having Olivia I was trying to think of boys names and it was really hard!

Henry will love having a little brother, and now you can recycle more of Henry's clothes on the new guy!