Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Holiday part three: Home!

So where did I get up to? Oh yeah, dinosaur balloon! 

Hello there!
So after spending a few days in Berlin, we returned to Fred's house in Niesky, where Henry played in the creek...

 ... helped Fred drive his car...

 ... and got to play in a fire engine (Fred is a volunteer firefighter). Ross and I were cooking dinner at the time, so it was just Anja, Joe, Fred and Henry. Then when they got home, the little man got so overwhelmed that he cried when he tried to tell us about it. Just massive sobs of extreme emotion. Aww.

We visited Görlitz, which is the biggish town a little way away from Niesky, right on the Polish border. It was really beautiful, but I failed at bringing a camera - Anja took this photo on the bridge over to Poland, and then her camera died. So there are not many photos. But now we can say we've been to Poland, so there's that.


We took some excellent group photos on the day we left Niesky:

Best godparents!

Leaving was bittersweet as always, there were a few tears but it's always nice to come home. We couldn't get a flight straight north from Reykjavik, so we stayed for a night at an apartment owned by the union. It's a pretty awesome deal, the apartment is totally reasonable and has all sorts of amenities, and you only pay 5000kr a night! Yay!

Ross and I took the opportunity to go to a nice steakhouse downtown, and we ate THE BEST. STEAKS. EVER. It was pretty expensive and super fancy, but so so worth it. We also passed some other great looking restaurants, so we're definitely thinking of travelling down south more often if we can.

Also awesome was the fact that Mum met us in Reykjavik! She has just gotten a job here in Sauðárkrókur, which is clearly the best idea ever. I think she was a bit homesick for all of us, and the town itself, and so she decided to come here for a while. I get some more free babysitting, Henry gets some more Amma time, and Mum gets to enjoy everything about being here in Iceland - everybody wins!

We all flew north on Friday, in the world's tiniest airplane. Seriously, we watched for about fifteen minutes as the guy tried to find a way to A) make our suitcases fit on the plane, and B) evenly distribute the weight so that we could actually take off.
Eventually he figured it out, then we got rearranged on the plane to evenly distribute the weight - hint, the baby doesn't sit directly over the wings. Good to know.

Henry decided to have a mini freak out about halfway through the 40 minute flight, and we were all too worried about upsetting the delicate balance of the plane to stand up. So, we busted out some stickers, and Henry stuck them on his legs.

Start with these ones...

... yep, those ones too...

He was fine for the rest of the flight, and we then managed to squeeze all of us and our luggage into our tiny car. It was lovely to come back to our house, and Vicki had already dropped off our darling Nina, so it was completely homey straight away.

So that was the holiday! Ross has been off for the past week and a half, and still has another week and a half left of holidays. I went back to work pretty much straight away, which is a post in and of itself - damn I hate it when people can't do staff rosters or communication. Anyway, all is well, and now that this holiday summary is done, I might even update you all on the rest of the stuff going on.


northern musings said...

great post Olga - I really really need to do some updates too! So good to have you home! xoxox and a super bonus to have your mum - my bff and sister home!

Gil Liane said...

The firetruck pic is definitely one for Henry's 21st! He's such an awesome kid :) Although if I'd been on the plane, he'd have been forced to hand over some of the stickers, to calm me down! The whole weight-balancing thing spooks me O_O
ps. Yay for a fancy steak dinner. pps. how cool your mum's there :)

anja said...

its great to look back at the photos from the holiday! but man, does it feel so far away already.... Anyway, I hope work is good for you and that you're not working too many crazy shifts!!! Please keep up the posts Olga, its always great to read about life in the krok. xxx

Maja said...