Sunday, August 25, 2013

Farm show and countdown

Hello again! Mum just shared some Henry photos on facebook, so I figured I may as well stick some up here, too!

There isn't really anything super newsworthy going on at the moment, we're just plodding along like always. But in a good way. Plodding happily?

You can't really tell, but his shirt is stuffed full of toy cars. After this photo, he opens up the bottom of the shirt and lets them all fall down, and then laughs maniacally. Good times.
Aunty Eva and Henry reading about sheep.

Super close up of Thomas. Look. Look at him.

The agricultural show was on yesterday, and I was surprisingly excited to go. Henry loved it last year, so we all went together. I think Eva took lots of photos, we only ended up with a couple, of which this one is the best.

'But what even is it? Chicken? Rabbit? Tiny bear?'
They had lots of other animals, including a pair of cows who kept licking the pig in the pen next to them. We I spent waaay too much time trying to figure out why - like, maybe the pig was sweaty and therefore nice and salty, but how did they realise that in the first place? Do they just experimentally lick every animal they see, just in case? Is that a thing that cows do?

We also saw a stall for farm equipment - tractors and feeding apparatus and the like - that sold little ride on tractors for kids. They were pedal powered, and we might have to invest in one for Henry one day. It would blow his tiny mind.

Like father, like son.

Henry and Amma.

Henry is still completely obsessed with cars and trains and buses. I don't know where it came from, but he's evidently decided they're the best thing ever. When he goes to sleep, he always has to pick which of his cars come with him - no teddy bears for him, just little metal cars. We try to steer him away from the biggest and noisiest ones, but there have definitely been nights where he gets a bit squished off to one side. I may have to make a separate bed for the cars, so that he and they don't disrupt each others' sleep.

Ooh, I have an ultrasound this week, as I'll be 20 weeks pregnant. That means it's theoretically possible to see whether we're having a baby with girl parts or boy parts. I am absurdly excited, although I try to keep reminding myself that it's not a precise science - sometimes the foetus is uncooperative and facing the wrong way, and you just can't tell. I guess even if we don't get to find out straight away, we'll definitely be able to tell in January.

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Maja said...

ooh, another post! I need email notifications when you post.

I see you have those colourful foam mats now. How good are they? Since Olivia can now climb onto the couch and likes to walk straight off I have covered the entire loungeroom floor and just put the rug on top of them.

I think cows like to lick stuff in general but I'm sure the pig was tasty.

That is funny about the toy cars. Olivia loves teddies but she doesn't really have many cars. She makes a brrrrrrming sound when she has them though and drives them around, and I don't know where she learnt that.