Friday, August 30, 2013

Which one?

Whoops, sorry it's been a few days - they have been pretty weird and surreal days, so I haven't managed to write a proper post.

But life is short and who knows when I'll finally get around to posting properly... Fanfare is for suckers, and we're having another boy! Ross and I must be getting better at deciphering ultrasounds, as we both spotted it before the doctor told us. He took a whole bunch of photos, so I'll put some up if I ever figure out how. The stills never do the ultrasounds justice, it is the weirdest and most awesome thing to see inside your guts. The future is rad.

We are pretty pleased, I honestly felt like I didn't mind either way. I also didn't really have any idea of what I thought we were having, although I did mention to Ross the day before that I thought maybe it could be a boy (Which isn't really a revelation or intuition, it's just stating the obvious. Duh, it could always have been a boy.)

We now need to do some serious name-storming (see what I did there?), suggestions are welcome, as always, in the comments. Unless you suggest something as a joke, and then we secretly love it, in which case I'll get all embarassed and delete my blog and never talk to you again. But no pressure or anything.

Henry has accepted the phrase 'baby brother' into his vocabulary, so we're that much closer to a life of limitless harmony and a complete lack of sibling rivalry. Haha. I'll get back to you in a years' time on that one.

Anyway, the rest of the world is a bit too hard at the moment, so I'll just leave it at that. Love to each and every one of you.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Hey, guys. Guys. YOU GUYS.

Guess what I'm doing today? I'm going to get a 20 week ultrasound, and the doctor guy will probably be able to tell me if I'm having a boy or a girl. I am absurdly excited.
 It's kind of weird, I don't really remember getting this worked up about it last time... And I just had to trawl through old blog posts to discover that no, I apparently wasn't too excited. Or at least, not excited enough to post about it beforehand.

Anyway anyway anyway - anyone want to place any last minute bets? I have no idea, as always, although the general consensus seems to be girl. Leave a comment, win a prize (there is no prize. Sorry.)

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Farm show and countdown

Hello again! Mum just shared some Henry photos on facebook, so I figured I may as well stick some up here, too!

There isn't really anything super newsworthy going on at the moment, we're just plodding along like always. But in a good way. Plodding happily?

You can't really tell, but his shirt is stuffed full of toy cars. After this photo, he opens up the bottom of the shirt and lets them all fall down, and then laughs maniacally. Good times.
Aunty Eva and Henry reading about sheep.

Super close up of Thomas. Look. Look at him.

The agricultural show was on yesterday, and I was surprisingly excited to go. Henry loved it last year, so we all went together. I think Eva took lots of photos, we only ended up with a couple, of which this one is the best.

'But what even is it? Chicken? Rabbit? Tiny bear?'
They had lots of other animals, including a pair of cows who kept licking the pig in the pen next to them. We I spent waaay too much time trying to figure out why - like, maybe the pig was sweaty and therefore nice and salty, but how did they realise that in the first place? Do they just experimentally lick every animal they see, just in case? Is that a thing that cows do?

We also saw a stall for farm equipment - tractors and feeding apparatus and the like - that sold little ride on tractors for kids. They were pedal powered, and we might have to invest in one for Henry one day. It would blow his tiny mind.

Like father, like son.

Henry and Amma.

Henry is still completely obsessed with cars and trains and buses. I don't know where it came from, but he's evidently decided they're the best thing ever. When he goes to sleep, he always has to pick which of his cars come with him - no teddy bears for him, just little metal cars. We try to steer him away from the biggest and noisiest ones, but there have definitely been nights where he gets a bit squished off to one side. I may have to make a separate bed for the cars, so that he and they don't disrupt each others' sleep.

Ooh, I have an ultrasound this week, as I'll be 20 weeks pregnant. That means it's theoretically possible to see whether we're having a baby with girl parts or boy parts. I am absurdly excited, although I try to keep reminding myself that it's not a precise science - sometimes the foetus is uncooperative and facing the wrong way, and you just can't tell. I guess even if we don't get to find out straight away, we'll definitely be able to tell in January.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Baby belly!

So folks, now that I'm pretty pregnant, I have finally taken the first proper photo of my torso/fetus construction area. I had proper plans for taking weekly photos and updates of my belly, but apparently I am just not that person. But better late than never. Wanna see?

Bonus: Taking self portraits in the mirror means I don't have to figure out what I'm going to do with my face.

So anyway, I'm still feeling pretty good, kind of exhausted still but I think that's more to do with our busy schedules than pregnancy. Eh, maybe it's fifty-fifty.
Ross has spent the past couple of weeks working up on the roof for 12 hours a day, since that will help cut down on labour costs. I think he's enjoying the learning experience, but it is definitely a lot of work.
I've been back at work and then looking after Henry and feeding Ross and his builder friends - one guy was getting paid, but Ross' friend Gerry has been helping out just because he is awesome. It's the least I can do to feed him occasionally.

The roof is now just about done, Ross has been finishing off some odds and ends, and there's only a bit left to do. It looks great, and the ceiling no longer leaks in my sewing room, so I'm counting it as a win.

Apart from that? I had my first appointment with the midwife, who turned out to be one of the midwives who was working in Akureyri when I had Henry. Small world. She was also the one who told me, at 9pm that evening, that she was sure I would have the baby within the next hour - before her shift finished at ten. For anyone who can't quite remember, Henry was born at 5.35 the next morning. Boo to false hopes.

But anyway, she is pretty lovely and fun and easy to talk to. She said that I probably should have had an appointment with her before I went to have the ultrasound in Akureyri, but that it all seemed fine regardless. I now have a second ultrasound booked for the 28th of August, at which point we should be able to find out the sex of the baby! I had vague thoughts of leaving it and not finding out, but then I realised that is also not who I am. I. Must. Know!
Also on the list of people I am probably not: people who make fancy cakes in order to have gender reveal parties. I've been thinking about doing it, but I don't know that I could handle the suspense. Plus Ross wants to know straight away... Hmm, maybe I could get him to make the cake? Or maybe not.

We've started talking to Henry about the new baby. I'll have to take some video of his conversations about it, they can be pretty hilarious and adorable. If we ask whether he wants a baby brother or a baby sister, he invariably says baby sister, despite not really knowing what 'sister' means. He's not even really that clear on what exactly constitues a 'baby', as he'll use the term for any kid his age or younger. So that'll be a fun surprise for him, too.

I think he'll be a great older brother. It's kind of amazing how good he is at talking now, and it really lets him express more of his personality. Basically he just continues to be so sweet and lovely, he just seems really thoughtful and nice for a two-year-old. Then again, I'm obviously biased.

He's also been potty training lately, and is doing a really good job. He had a really good run at home, and has been doing pretty well at leikskoli, too. That said, I took him out today and he did not-so-good, but it all balances out, right? He's been getting rewarded with chocolate and stickers and high fives a lot of the time, which is probably not the ideal way to do it, but it works for us, for now. I really don't like the idea of doing negative reinforcement or shaming him about it, so I figure we just tell him he's great when he does a good job, and just deal with the rest as it happens.


Oh wow do you know what is also awesome good news? Turns out that my aversion to coffee doesn't apply to coffee from an espresso machine. Who knew? I noticed while we were in Germany that when Ross got a black coffee from a cafe, it smelled delicious instead of gross. And then when I came back home, I found out that the bakery has an espresso machine, so I can go buy coffee there every once in a while! YAY! And can you also tell that I just went and got one a little while ago? I don't know what tipped you off...

Anyway dudes, maybe I will leave it there for now. Hope you enjoyed the rambling! Maybe I'll try to be that person who updates regularly instead of in massive blocks every once in a while. Or not.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Holiday part three: Home!

So where did I get up to? Oh yeah, dinosaur balloon! 

Hello there!
So after spending a few days in Berlin, we returned to Fred's house in Niesky, where Henry played in the creek...

 ... helped Fred drive his car...

 ... and got to play in a fire engine (Fred is a volunteer firefighter). Ross and I were cooking dinner at the time, so it was just Anja, Joe, Fred and Henry. Then when they got home, the little man got so overwhelmed that he cried when he tried to tell us about it. Just massive sobs of extreme emotion. Aww.

We visited Görlitz, which is the biggish town a little way away from Niesky, right on the Polish border. It was really beautiful, but I failed at bringing a camera - Anja took this photo on the bridge over to Poland, and then her camera died. So there are not many photos. But now we can say we've been to Poland, so there's that.


We took some excellent group photos on the day we left Niesky:

Best godparents!

Leaving was bittersweet as always, there were a few tears but it's always nice to come home. We couldn't get a flight straight north from Reykjavik, so we stayed for a night at an apartment owned by the union. It's a pretty awesome deal, the apartment is totally reasonable and has all sorts of amenities, and you only pay 5000kr a night! Yay!

Ross and I took the opportunity to go to a nice steakhouse downtown, and we ate THE BEST. STEAKS. EVER. It was pretty expensive and super fancy, but so so worth it. We also passed some other great looking restaurants, so we're definitely thinking of travelling down south more often if we can.

Also awesome was the fact that Mum met us in Reykjavik! She has just gotten a job here in Sauðárkrókur, which is clearly the best idea ever. I think she was a bit homesick for all of us, and the town itself, and so she decided to come here for a while. I get some more free babysitting, Henry gets some more Amma time, and Mum gets to enjoy everything about being here in Iceland - everybody wins!

We all flew north on Friday, in the world's tiniest airplane. Seriously, we watched for about fifteen minutes as the guy tried to find a way to A) make our suitcases fit on the plane, and B) evenly distribute the weight so that we could actually take off.
Eventually he figured it out, then we got rearranged on the plane to evenly distribute the weight - hint, the baby doesn't sit directly over the wings. Good to know.

Henry decided to have a mini freak out about halfway through the 40 minute flight, and we were all too worried about upsetting the delicate balance of the plane to stand up. So, we busted out some stickers, and Henry stuck them on his legs.

Start with these ones...

... yep, those ones too...

He was fine for the rest of the flight, and we then managed to squeeze all of us and our luggage into our tiny car. It was lovely to come back to our house, and Vicki had already dropped off our darling Nina, so it was completely homey straight away.

So that was the holiday! Ross has been off for the past week and a half, and still has another week and a half left of holidays. I went back to work pretty much straight away, which is a post in and of itself - damn I hate it when people can't do staff rosters or communication. Anyway, all is well, and now that this holiday summary is done, I might even update you all on the rest of the stuff going on.